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Up to date instructions for
« on: January 17, 2014, 11:47:10 pm »
Trying to learn to get into to play Japanese riichi mahjong, I discovered all the other online tutorials were out of date... so as of January 2014, here's the most up to date Tenhou instruction manual:


To begin, goto
You will see this main page:

Click the button labelled "Play".

It will say "Loading" for a moment, then this screen will appear:

Click the circled link.

This takes you to the login screen.

There are three free ways you can play:
1. As NoName. To play as NoName, simply click the right-circled button labelled "OK".

2. As an unregistered name you chose. This means if others like the name, they could use it or register it as well. To play with an unregistered name, type a name of your choosing into the text box, and then click the right-circled button labelled "OK".

3. As a registered name that only you have access too. To create such an ID, click the left-circled button labelled "ID". If you already have a registration code, type your ID's code into the text-box and then click the right-circled button labelled "OK".

If you clicked the right-circled button labelled "OK", you'll be logged in, so skip to "LOBBY INSTRUCTIONS" below.

If you clicked the left-circled button labelled "ID", that will bring up this confirmation screen:

Simply click "Yes" to continue registering an ID, which will take you to the ID selection screen:

Simply type the ID you like into the text box, and click "OK".

If the name you want is already taken, you will get a pop-up that says "このプレーヤは既に登録済みです (That name is already taken)" and you'll have to click "OK" to go back to the main login screen and start over.

If the name you chose works, you'll progress on to this screen:

If you agree to register the name you typed in (the example used here is "tester"), then click "Yes".

Next you'll be taken to this screen:

This screen basically encourages you to write down the ID code provided in the text-box and highlighted in black. That code is the only way to login with the name you chose. The code and it's associated name can never be recovered if you forget the code. Once you are ready, click "OK".

Now you are taken back to the origial login screen, except now your ID code should be in the login text box.

Once you insure your ID code is in the text-box, simply click the right-circled button labelled "OK".


This is the main lobby screen:

Most of how it works can be understood by looking at the red instructions in the screen shot.

The chat-box won't show any chats until you chat something yourself. To the right of the chat-box are listed some of the known chat commands you can also type into the chat interface.

The top row of tabs vary a bit depending on where you are, but the first tab is the default, and is where the play buttons are.

In the play lobby, the second row of tabs are the skill level you'd like to play. The first tab is the default open level, and the level increases with each tab to the right of the first. You must be of a certain rank to play the higher levels.

The two columns of buttons are the various games you can join. The left column of six buttons are East only games, and the right column of six buttons are East & South games.
The top button is no open tanyao allowed.
The second button is open tanyao allowed.
The 3rd button is games that also include red fives, with open tanyao allowed.
The fourth button is fast games with red fives and open tanyaos.
The fifth button is 3-player games.
The bottom button is fast 3-player games.

Once you've selected what type of games you'd like to play, you must wait until there are enough players to begin. Once there are, the game will start automatically.

Below the game buttons are drop-down menus.

The left-most drop-down menu is as such:
Replays: you can select this menu to rewatch old games.
Minigames: various mahjong-tile puzzles.
Buy a premium account.

The middle drop-down menu is a list of AI mahjong games to practice.

The right-most menu is a reset button, to clear any selected game buttons.

The information to the right of the menu items is statistics as labelled in the illustration.


In-game is pretty intuitive except for a few things.

If someone discards a tile you have the option to call, a button pops up. This button will pass on the tile. To claim the tile DON'T press this button! Instead, point at your own tiles that you will meld with the discard. Valid tiles will highlight blue, indicating what set you will be melding if you click on them.

Another button that may pop up is a riichi button, which is illustrated here in the black to the right of the playing screen. Of course, it will actually pop up in the playing screen where the "pass" button is currently being displayed.

Other buttons that may pop up from time to time include a "redeal" button if you are offered the opportunity to declare a drawn hand (e.g. for having nine isolated major tiles in your hand).

At the bottom of the playing screen are some option buttons.

The left most, shown in the highlighted "on" setting, is the "auto-win" button, meaning the game will automatically call ron or tsumo should your winning tile appear.

The next button is the "auto-discard" button, to drop any drawn tile that doesn't make a win.

The third button is the "auto-pass" to decline any opportunity to call a discarded tile.

The next character is the "window" selection menu, which fortunately is labelled in English once chosen.

The last character is the "sound" selection menu, which also is labelled in English once chosen.


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... and a short primer on the Tenhou rank system.
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 01:58:18 pm »
[tables are a PITA!!! Ugh. I typed up the entire table, and then lost it all and had to start over]

As I was trying to say...


Looking at this image:

Under the player's name (in this case NoName) is
This is the expiration date, which only applies if you are paying cash to play.

Under that is a drop-down box, and immediately under that should be the player's rank.
In the example image, the rank is blank -
Normally it would look something like this:
4級   0 / 90pt   R1413
4級  means 4th Kyo (4th level beginner)
0/90pt means zero points earned toward the 90 required to promote.
R1413 means overall rank on the server. Starts at R1500.

Players start out as 新人 (rookie), and promote from 9級 (9th kyo, a white belt) to 1級 (1st kyo, a brown belt).
Making this progression is easy even if you are terrible, because your rank can only go up.

Next, a player promotes to 初段 (shodon, 1st degree black belt). Now your rank is penalized for coming in 4th place, requiring skill and not just luck to promote. With skill, you can promote from 二段 (2nd Dan, 2nd degree black belt) to 十段 (10th dan). There is also a rank 天鳳位 (Tenpō-i) which must be a position of honor, but to my knowledge no one holds this rank.

rankbasenextpenalty for 4th
天鳳位Maximum rank

Base is how many points you start the rank with. With zero points, you aren't penalized so much for losses since your score never goes below zero, so even with pure luck you will eventually advance in rank if play often enough.

Next is how many points you need to advance to the next rank.
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Play ther highest level room you can.
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2015, 02:01:37 pm »
Another piece of advice:

Play the highest ranked room you can get into when you play.

You get more experience for playing there.


The penalty for 4th is based on your own rank, which goes up as your rank goes up... regardless of what level room you play in... so playing in weaker room levels means the penalty for losing often exceeds the bonus for winning. So don't troll around in lower ranked rooms looking for easy targets, because Tenhou will punish you severely for losing there. Play the highest rank room you can.


The formula for your R ranking is like this:

Initial value = R1500
ΔR = GSC x (MR + CV) x SF
GSC = Game Speed Correction
MR = Match Result
     1st = 30
     2nd = 10
     3rd = -10
     4th = -30
CV = Correction Value
     (average R of the table - player R) / 40
SF = Scaling Factor
     number of games <350 = 0.2
     number of games >350 = 0.002

(The tenhou documentation says <400 and >400, but in practice, it's actually 350)


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Re: Up to date instructions for
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2019, 10:53:18 am »
These instructions are actually very good (although the graphics could be heavily improved). May I bump it up.

Also, to add more content to this thread, I've also added some newbielink: [nonactive] that you can check out.

Please let me know if I can somehow provide even more value!
Thanks in advance!


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