Author Topic: How to Use Ron2 on a Mac or a PC.  (Read 2904 times)

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How to Use Ron2 on a Mac or a PC.
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:58:13 am »
You can still play Ron2 on a Mac, contrary to what Ron2 says about itself, if you know how to configure it, so let's make that happen.

If you're on a PC, these instructions are up to date for that as well.

Ok, writing this post was a bunch of work, and thanks to Master Po for doing the lion share of it, but since it's such a long post, it required admin over-ride to post, so here it is.

Ron2 is actually not as hard to get into and play as it would seem, either Mac or PC.


Lets get started by going to

You'll see this very busy main page, most of which you can ignore.


Just click on the orange button in the upper left.

That takes you to the registration selection screen, which is posted here as translated, and again, most of which you can ignore.


Scroll down and just click on the second big button to register as a free account. This free account will allow you one game a day for six months. You can buy a premium account to continue.

Once you've clicked that second big button, it will bring up the registration form that you'll need to fill out and which I've captured as a translated screenshot for you.


When you are done filling it out, click "Submit". Once submitted, you can close the window for now, because now you need to open your email and look for the registration email they sent you.


It's all in Spanish, but that doesn't matter, just click the first link the email provides, as indicated in the screen shot above. You know, of course, that's not Spanish, I was just seeing if you were paying attention.

When you click that link, it will take you to a confirmation webpage like this one:


Once again just click the "Hell Yeah" button, here labelled as "OK".

Once you click that, you'll see another Spanish screen, which I've translated for you below.


Now you may close that window, your registration is complete. You'll receive a welcome email from Ron2, which you should save since it will have your login ID listed in it... which is just the email address you provided to them.


Now that you're registered, go back to to login.

Again, it's a busy homepage, all of which you can ignore. You just need to pay attention to the header as illustrated:


Type in your email and password. If you want your computer to remember you every time you come back, check the box too. Then click the green ball to login.

Now that you're logged in, I'll explain the busy homepage.


In summary, it's a lot of hubbub. Again, all you need to pay attention to is the header. If you want to play a four-player game, click the green header button, and if you want to play a three-player game click the purple one. The rest of the busy homepage is explained by the comments in the screen shot, but did you notice the special pro you can play against in that the screen shot? It's our favorite Japanese riichi pro Jenn Barr (Garthe, you're our favorite too... where's your pic?).

After you pick a 4 or 3 player game, a Java file will download to your computer. Its name will be something like t521086.jnlp, although the numeric name varies.

If you're on a Mac and you don't have Java installed, when you launch the downloaded t521086.jnlp file, you'll see a Java-Download screen like this one:


Just click the red Java button to download Java, and follow your computers installation prompts.

If you have Java installed, launching the t521086.jnlp may not work if you don't have Java enabled in your web browser.

To enable Java in Safari in Mac OS X, do the following:

Launch Safari.
Click Safari > Preferences....
Click the Security tab.
Put a check mark next to Enable Java.
Close the preferences window.
Java is now enabled in Safari.

If you have Java enabled, launching the t521086.jnlp on a Mac still may not work, bringing up the following error message:

"t521086.jnlp" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."

Don't panic. Follow the instructions in this screen shot:


Now you should be up and running Ron2, so let's move on to...

Game Play

You should be in the Ron2's main game lobby:


It's all in Japanese of course, but the screen shot provided translates most of what's on that screen, and should be enough to get you playing. Start by picking a game room from the left column of colorful buttons... maybe the Ron2 Practice room or East Only Riichi Battle, then click the "Play" button.

It may not play right away... it needs time to match you up with other available players, but once the table is full, the table screen will launch:


Again, it's all in Japanese, but everything you'll need to know is translated in the screen shot. What I do is open that screenshot with Preview, and then place the actual Ron2 game screen on top of Preview so that the button translations are visible just below the actual buttons, making button-choice much easier to understand. Have fun.
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