Author Topic: Rule Question.... chombo during head-bump.  (Read 2509 times)

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Rule Question.... chombo during head-bump.
« on: June 11, 2014, 11:26:32 pm »
Here's a crazy situation that came up today in my mahjong class...

Playing Japanese riichi rules.

At one of the tables a player discarded... and TWO players tried to declare ron, resulting in a head-bump (atame hane).

The prevailing player revealed his tiles... and he had an invalid hand resulting in a chombo.

Under normal circumstances... a win simultaneous with a chombo forgives the chombo and allows the win... but in this case, the second player who also declared ron declined to reveal her tiles, choosing to accept the chombo instead, so of course a referee (me) was called over for a ruling.

I'm not aware of a rule covering this situation exactly, so I ruled to accept the chombo, allowing the second ron player to decline to show her tiles based on this premise:

1. Being that she called ron, and is declining to show her tiles, this is her right to retract her call for ron. This gives her a dead hand and play should continue.
2. Being that no win is taking place to forgive the chombo... the chombo remains in effect.

Your thoughts?

Edit to add: Jenn Barr commented to me:
From a trusted official in Japan:
If the second player opens her hand then her win overrides the chombo.
If she doesn't open her hand then she shouldn't be made to since she can claim "Goron" and only get a dead hand for the claim.
Therefore the chombo stands and both should not be allowed simultaneously.

So it seems I called it as they would have in Japan. Thanks Jenn!
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Re: Rule Question.... chombo during head-bump.
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2014, 12:17:28 am »
If there is no appropriate rule, then the judge should rule in accordance with the philosophy of the game. Personally, I think it is not 'riichi spirit' to allow a player forcing chombo on another player. Trying do so so, she is obstructing the game.
There can only be two reasonable explanations for her refusal:
a) she also had an invalid call
b) her call was not invalid, but she had more advantage by a chombo penalty for the other player.   
I am not sure how to act then, but personally I think I would declare the game invalid. Maybe even give the naughty lady a warning.