Author Topic: Sherlock Holmes Mystery 10th Question: Mrs. Hudson in the Spotlight  (Read 1687 times)

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sherlockSpotlightDear contestants!

Today you will be offered the last, 10th mystery to solve. For this not-easy-to-crack problem, the bonus period to get an extra 1 SHP () is prolonged to five days, and the full solution may bring up to 4 SHP ().

Hint: the only criterion to resolve ties of same scores of participants is "timestamp" -- exact time of posting/ sending solution. For current multiscored mystery we offer you a strategy of sending low-point solution prior to sending high-pont solution. That may save you priority in case high-point solution is unobtainable for any reason.

Mrs. Hudson’s successful play at London MCR Championship drew everyone's attention, so that even the correspondent of the newspaper "MahjongNews” decided to watch her play. Here is an abstract from the article describing a particular deal:

Mrs. Hudson managed quite quickly to reach a waiting hand. But the most amazing thing is the fact that after each of her moves after getting to the wait (for valid 8+ pts. hand) and until she declares “Hu!” on a discarded tile, Mrs. Hudson’s hand changed and the hand's value increased.”

Question: Please, provide the chain of Mrs. Hudson’s hands under the following conditions:

  • the hand value is counted specifically on a discard tile,
  • the hand value with multiple waits is counted by its minimum value,
  • at least one tile in the hand (part of hand except flower tiles) must changed after each move,
  • none of the tiles taken from the wall by Mrs. Hudson will give mahong to her.

Scoring guidelines:

  • submitting a chain of 4, 5, 6 or 7 hands to Mrs. Hudson’s hand will be scored for 1 SHP (),
  • submitting chain of 8, 9, 10 or 11 hands to Mrs. Hudson’s hand will be scored for 2 SHP (),
  • submitting chain of 12, 13, 14 or 15 hands to Mrs. Hudson’s hand will be scored for 3 SHP (),
  • submitting chain of 16 or more hands to Mrs. Hudson’s hand will be scored for 4 SHP ().