Author Topic: Games like this are not good for your heart.  (Read 1621 times)

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Games like this are not good for your heart.
« on: June 08, 2015, 04:38:26 pm »
This game:

I went into South 4th in second place, so my goal was just to hang loose and take my 15 points, but then final East nails me for 5800 points, taking me down to last!


Thankfully, since it was East who won the hand, but he was not the one in first place, the game continued. I needed just a thousand to get out of last so I was going cheap and quick, when Mr. 3rd nails Mr. 1st for a ron.

Oh No! Am I doomed to 4th after all? But no, I'm saved again, since 1st fell below 30k, and so we all went into the West round.


Another hope for redemption. I manage a tiny 1000 point hand off of my opposite player, but not enough to take me out of last, so into West-2 we go.

Then my opposite rons the guy to my right. Oh No! Now I'll be last after all!

But again, no! The points I took from my opposite were enough to keep him from going above 30k just then, so I'm saved one more time... but still dragging along as last into West-3.

How many lives does this cat have?

In West-3, I manage to get tenpai with a melded pung of green dragons and a pair of dora 4-dots. It would get me out of last depending on how it wins... if it does.

Then my left player kongs, revealing a 5-bamboo indicator... making a pair of my 6-bamboo pair also dora... so now I'm sitting on a monster that could rocket me from last to first, and what do I pull on the very next draw? 6-bamboo, baby!

Last to first in West-3 round. Whew.


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