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World Mahjong Sport Games Team Finals: China #1
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:09:08 pm »

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SANYA, China 29 October 2015 - The final conclusion of the 2015 World Mahjong Sport Games in Sanya City, China, closed with the announcement of the team competition results, and China's B-team takes 1st place in these historic games. Second place was Hong Kong/Macao, followed by China's A-team, and Switzerland in 4th.

The duplicate games were a historic first in that the competitors competed against each other under identical conditions, allowing players to be ranked entirely by skill, eliminating factors of luck. For example, every player in the East round 1st hand sitting in the North position would be given the exact same starting hand, and the exact same wall of tiles from which to draw. In this way, players are directly compared and stratified by skill.

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2015 WMSG Team Final Results:

1st: China Team B
2nd: HK/Macao
3rd: China Team A
4th: Switzerland

2015 WMSG Team Preliminary Results:


Pictures courtesy oif the Mahjong International League photographer. More pictures of the events may be viewed as linked here:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Mahjong News (that would be me, Scott Miller) had a grueling twenty-seven hour trip home following the closing ceremony. The final results are posted, but you can expect more news from this historic event, including more details on how the duplicate format was successfully achieved, coming soon.

DAY Three's Report:

SANYA, China 26 October 2015 - Bo Tang of China wins the individual players finale with 34 points, followed tighty by Jian Zhao (China) with 33 and Liang Li (China) with 27 in third.


World Mahjong Sport Games Individuals Competition Finals Top 16


DAY Two's Report:


SANYA, China 25 October 2015 - Day two is in the history books for the inaugural World Mahjong Sport Games competition. The prelimary round of competition for the individual event is over, and the top sixty-four progress on to the semi-finals on the 26th. The eliminated players are invited to participate in the carnival events, to include a sudden-death elimination game.

Results of day 2 individual MCR competition preliminaries:


DAY One's Report:

The games are hosted by the Mahjong International League, whose goal it is to promote mahjong as a mind sport on par with the Olympic spirit of international competition. As the days progress, the countries will be competing as teams in the duplicate mahjong format; a format that establishes identical walls at each table so that the factors of luck are minimized, and the players' skill will be directly tested and measured.


Day one of the gathering started the individual competitions, playing from 0900 to 1930 hrs a total of five sessions as part of the preliminary event (results pending). Tomorrow, the players will gather again for five more sessions, before moving on to the third day which culminates with the final tables. Day three will see the start of the team competitions.

Results of day 1 individual MCR competition:Day1