Author Topic: Saying Goodbye to Edoardo Prosperini  (Read 1841 times)

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Saying Goodbye to Edoardo Prosperini
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:16:44 pm »

Edoardo Prosperini

BOLOGNA 01 November 2015 - Edward Flournoy, for all of us only Edo, the president of the Red Dragon of Milan, has left us. He had faced his disease with his style, concrete in judgment, and somehow even lighthearted, wondering until the last when to play mah jong, his great passion.

In the last year, even after treatment, he was still at the club- trying to hold together the people to be able to continue playing the classic method, which he defended at all costs. Edo was a great organizer, a gift that had developed in his business (and which had led to high summits and with great satisfaction) and poured in all his other interests. He had practiced for years gliding, to become president of a major club, and to join his other pleasure and people of mah jong, organized for some years the tournament at the venue delll'aereovolo. But he had also organized a race at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and I'm sure that would successfully collected the invitation that had been done by FIMJ to find a formula to revive the Italian method.

I met Edo almost twenty years ago and besides playing with and against him I was able to have long conversations on many different topics, finding him increasingly informed and competent. Despite having a character sometimes so strong as to seem edgy, it was with great generosity, which was able to express in many ways, the world of his factory and in general to the friends of mah jong. If it was a club assembly to present the budgetary situation, he wanted to offer dinner to all participants and so many other things. In addition to the races in various circles, he organized a weekly game at his house and here guests exquisite showed what was in the game the best, trying to get from each hand maximum possible double.

Edoardo Prosperini

I want to remember when the last Italian championship, as president and captain of the Red Dragon, he clung to Angela, Antaeus, Oscar and I to raise the cup just won, showing a joy that for someone like him, used to have on their work well other satisfactions, seemed almost childlike. But anyhow this was the man Edo, the player, the President, the friend and counselor of all. To Monica, that before you have the joy of two beautiful twins, shared constantly with Dad Edo pleasure of mah jong, we send our warmest embrace and promise that we will not forget.

Ciao Edo.


Among his results we want to remember the third place in 2004 along with the first place in the method at least 3, the second with the club Red Dragon in 2012, and the third place in the method without flowers in 2013. FIMJ - Italian Federation Mah Jong