Author Topic: Duplicate Mahjong Proves Itself Viable for Mind Sport Designation  (Read 2348 times)

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SANYA 05 November 2015 - The big test in Sanya City was the Mahjong International League's demonstration of mahjong as a mind sport, not just for MCR style, but any style, to include Japanese riichi, Sichuan "Battle to the Bloody End" and others, and the word is, mahjong has demonstrated itself worthy of designation as a mind sport.

Q: What does a mind sport mean?

A: An activity can be considered a mind sport if the event measures its competitors based on their skill, and is not a game of chance. Applying the duplicate method to mahjong, the factors of luck are eliminated, and the player's skill is compared to rank the players.

During the World Mind Sport Games, the duplicate method was showcased for MCR, the results of which were earlier publicized. But aside from MCR, the games also included a carnival of other events to include Japanese riichi mahjong, Sichuan Battle to the Bloody End, online events, Pairs, another MCR Team event, among other stlyes.


While no official word has been released by the International Mind Sports Association, the Sanya games were attended by the IMSA President Emeritus José Damiani, who seemed impressed with the events and the duplicate mahjong style, and the vibe received from the honored guest was positive, encouraging the MIL in its quest to see mahjong join the ranks of other official mind sport games like chess, bridge, go, and draughts. Inclusion of mahjong has an even greater importance at this point in time as the mind sport division is making strong positive headway toward official inclusion as an Olympic event. Having mahjong included in this category would achieve a goal sought by many enthusiasts for decades to see mahjong in the Olympics.

Final results of the Mind Sport Carnival Events

Carnival Riichi Carnival MCRonline Carnival Talent Carnival Sichuan Carnival Survival Carnival Quick Carnival Pairs Carnival TeamMCR Carnival MsEvent