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New Riichi Mahjong Book Release
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:31:03 pm »


AMARILLO 28 November 2015 - Just in time for this holiday season is a new 184 page riichi mahjong book by Scott D. Miller entitled "Riichi Mahjong: The Ultimate Guide to the Japanese Game Taking the World by Storm," with a foreword by Martin Rep, and cover design by Katherine C. Hartman.

Tina Christensen, president of the European Mahjong Association, speaks high praise for this new release"A must have. For decades the world has been in need of a comprehensive and clear account of the concepts, the game play and the intricacies of riichi mahjong. Lo and behold, that is exactly what this book brings to you! I warmly welcome this milestone work which will be an invaluable help for beginners and advanced players alike."

Welcome my intrepid adventurer to the wonderful world of mahjong. This is the game that legends adorn, of scholars, and treasures, where dragons are borne. With winds that blow and fortunes that flow, it’s here through it all, our good fortune will call.

David Bresnick, President of the United States Professional Mahjong League, writes "A wonderful journey through both the rules and the spirit of riichi mahjong - this volume makes a great addition to any mahjong library!”

Prepare to learn about a four-player tile game of winning hands, lucky tiles, sacred discards, glory, and woe. Are you up to the challenge?

Martin Diviš, reigning European Riichi Mahjong Champion, raves “The best book about mahjong I have ever read."

Tina Christensen comments further "First it takes the beginner through the basics. Then it outlines the rules in a way that will help players of all levels understand how the game is played. Finally it dives into the finesse of the game. The language is easy to read, and the book is sprinkled with wonderful Points to Ponderinformation of etymology or history, deeper explanation of game elements or anecdotes from the author's riichi experiences."

Now available in hardcover through, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Booksellers, and many other major booksellers around the world.

ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-329-49304-9
Here's a link to this book at

Coming soon in paperback and ePub. Look for alerts as these new formats become available.