Author Topic: I'll kick things off.  (Read 1663 times)

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I'll kick things off.
« on: March 17, 2014, 11:44:16 pm »
It's good to have everyone here. I started this board to help promote mahjong around the world, and give people a friendly place to post.

If you're stumped for what to post in your hello post, try answering some of these questions:

Male or Female?
Where are you from?
What's your favorite style to play?
Do you play live or online? Tournaments anywhere?
How did you get introduced to mahjong?
How many of the films listed on the portal homepage "Mahjong in Media" have you seen?
What kind of tiles (if any) do you own?
What's your favorite rule?
Most despised rule?

I'm a 40-something year old dude from Texas.
I'll play any style, but riichi is my favorite.
I try to play live games at least on day a week, and will travel for a tournament when I get time.
I've seen them all :)
I own a Singaporean set, since it has enough tiles to play any rules out there... it's the Swiss Army Knife of tiles... but I have a few collectable sets too.
My favorite rule is dora... adds excitement to the game.
My most despised rule is multiple ron's. That's dumb. How can more than one person physically take a single tile. The only way to make this rule work is nobody takes it, and everyone "pretends" like it's in their hand. Dumb.

Anyway, great to have you all here. Take a moment, post a hello, and tell us about yourself.

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