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Hello Kitty Mahjong rules
« on: February 27, 2013, 10:23:08 pm »
My new Hello Kitty mahjong set came with a set of rules, which I thought I'd share here for y'all (but not written verbatim, but in my own words, to avoid plagiarizing their rules sheet).

There were four games listed.

"Falling Down Mountain"
Basically a two player game of mahjong solitaire, each taking turns taking pairs off the layout, and the winner being the one with the most pairs. Since players take turns... shouldn't they end up tied? I guess players can pass if they can't find a pair, but that isn't specified in the rules.

Another two-player game. All the tiles are laid out face down, and players take turns turning up two tiles. Even if they aren't a matching pair, they are left face up (this isn't "memory"). When a pair is revealed, the player can take the pair, and go again. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

"Lucky Stones"
A game for four players. One player is the 'Hello Kitty' suit, one is the 'Teddy Bear' suit, one the 'Arabic numerals' suit, and the last is the honor tiles and flowers. The goal is to eventually arrange your own assigned suit face up from 1 to 9 in each of your four rows (for the fourth player, their order is E, S, W, N, Fify, Tippy, Cathy, red flower, white flower). Each players draws thirty six tiles and lays them out nine by four face down. throw the dice to decide who goes first. This player picks one of their tiles at random, and gives it to the player who represents its suit. That player (even if it's themself) puts it into their grid in its proper 1 thru 9 position face up, starting with the lowest row, and working their way up, taking out a facedown tile to make space. The tile they take out they then give to the person who represents its suit. This is continued until a player has all 36 of their tiles face up and wins. This game is illustrated in mid-play above, as labelled in the photo "Lucky Stones", except the illustration has the dragon tiles in the order of Fifi, Cathy Bunny, and Tippy, which is inconsistent with the order listed in the rules. The written rules make more sense since Tippy Bear wears green coveralls, and so logically would represent the second (green) dragon. Fifi and Cathy Bunny both have the same yellow color scheme, so who is white and who is red was arbitrary... although Fifi is more 'orangy' than is Cathy Bunny... so maybe Cathy Bunny should have been white...

"Square War"
Another four player game, which, as it is described, is basically standard mahjong going for only four sets and a pair to win.


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Re: Hello Kitty Mahjong rules
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 09:34:06 am »
May I ask you, where did you order this one?
Can you give me any hint of how can I find this - what keywords shall I type in google to find this set?

I am looking for the same, but I face with the problem that there are mahjong sets with just kitty back, but not with pictures on them.

Thank you very much in advance.

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