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Title: Zhou Yong 2015 World MCR Mahjong Champion
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JEJU, South Korea 13 November 2015 - Zhou Yong is crowned the 2015 World MCR Mahjong Champion, followed by runner-up Jiao Linghua in 2nd, and Joel Ratsimandresy in 3rd.

The third day of the WMC did not start at a mahjong table but at a breakfast table with the chairman of the WMO. This because the WMO had to overcome some challenges with organizing this WMC. A story about slotmachines, epidemics and weddings.

So the WMO had chosen Korea for WMC 2015. Well not really Korea but Jeju-do. The last few years the island has become very famous as an Chinese vacation destination. This reason to choose Jeju-do proved to be also the first obstacle. The island is not only wanted by Chinese guests but also famous among Korean honeymooners. To find a hotel to accommodate such a large group in the weekend was therefore not easy. All the hotels were booked for weddings. The solution was an two day tournament with a cultural and closing ceremony on the third day.

The second problem was the MERS outbreak at the beginning of this year. The uncertainty forced the hotels in tourist places (like Jeju-do) to withhold bookings so the date and place was unsure until the very end.

The third problem was legally. The WMO had shipped a dozen specially designed electronic mahjong tables from China to Korea. Korea is very strict in their anti-gambling laws so they stopped the shipping because they thought it was slotmachines. The jeju officials didn't know what to do with all these slotmachines so they asked the mainland and in the end the WMO had to arrange a special permission from Seoul to use these strange machines.

As you can imagine the WMC had a slow start but while the organization explained it with apologies, the players hadn't noticed anything. The Chinese (WMO) and Koreans (host) were very polite and kind. They helped in every way and even mediate in a quarrel with an European player. Their manners made them a very good host. Fair play and together enjoying the game was really their main goal. With that in mind I can say I had a successful WMC. Thank you WMO and I hope we can repeat this message in the next WMC somewhere in Europe.


Day 2 Report 12 November 2015 - Top three after day 2 in the individual results are Zhou Yong in 1st, Jiao Linghua in 2nd, and Joel Ratsimandresy in 3rd.

Team Results Day 2


Individual Results Day 2



Notes from Martha for Day 2

Day one has finished and actually while I'm writing this we're already in day two. Why didn't you send a report yesterday, you might ask? Well, day one was intense.

We started at 8:30 in the morning and finished around 18:45. Before you think that it's just a normal mahjong day, keep in mind that in my timezone I would be fast asleep during the first three sessions. The jet lag really kicked in during the last sessions. Counting proved to be a challenge with Chinese players who only counted in Chinese. At first I was too timid to claim my time and an explanation. But an Austrian fellow player demonstrated that you just should. So I did the same.

When day one was finished, all I wanted was a hot shower and a nice bed. But the welcome ceremony started......with food. Of course I can't refuse a good Korean buffet. And while I thought this would be a short dinner for me, I discovered three hours later it was a trap. A Dutch expression wraps it up nicely: you could feed an orphanage with the buffet. The mahjong association arranged traditional Korean dancers and LOTS of bottles of Soju, a typical Korean delicates. When I dragged myself in a taxi I was very satisfied with the day, besides of my scoring (8p).

(.......somehow this feeling of satisfaction changed the next morning in regret......;))

Groet, Martha Pasterkamp

Day 1 Report 11 November 2015 - Early team results with "False Kong" team in 1st place, followed by three teams from China in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Early individual results have Zhou Yong in the lead going into day 2.

Team Results Day1


Individual Results Day 1


Preparations Report 10 November 2015 "Breaking news! It's not a hoax! There's really a world championship MCR going on in Korea." says Martha Pasterkamp of the Netherlands.


"I must admit my fears were building up to that moment I entered the venue of the WMO. And there it was: the registration table, a warm welcome, a wall of electronic mahjong tables and even some familiar faces."

"I was not sure if I was still asleep from the jet lag with a sweet mahjong dream. The tables were ....heavenly. They not only had the custom designed mahjong set for this WMO but also a build-in electronic point registration. It was no problem to find three other lost sheep to try this new machine with "fresh" new tiles.... suddenly the day had past. This rogue mahjong day was a good sign for the upcoming "official" mahjong days."


Luc Humbert notes the initial cultural exchange was dedicated to learn how to use the automatic tables, and how to use the automatic scoring system.


Arrival Report 09 Novemeber 2015

It was only two months ago that the news of the world championships MCR reached the Dutch Mahjong Association. And guess what: I'm in South Korea!!!

Immediatly I contacted the Dutch Mahjong Association and the Korean organizing party. Both parties kept me waiting. And waiting. I was beginning to think it was a hoax. The combination of Korea and MCR is too good to be true. The website of the WMO was badly made and there wasn't much information released. I reset my hopes and tempered the excitement. But then there was that first e-mail and the first registration information was released. The excitement was building up again.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce myself. This excitement is not only for the game but also for Korea, for I have Korean roots. I started playing mahjong only a few years ago. Therefore I missed the WMO in the Netherlands (the other half of my roots). As you can understand, I could not miss this one.


This extra motivation proved to be needed. The information from the organizing party was still poorly provided and the travel costs (from the Netherlands to Seoul with a domestic flight to Jeju-do) were quite high for a few days of mahjong. Luckily I found a good offer with British airway.

As you can sum up, I'm probably not the best mahjong player the Netherlands has to offer but I am the only Dutch mahjong player with the extra motivation to go, and with a lucky find in travel expenses.

So here I am: in an airplane to Jeju-do with a small fear that it's still a hoax, but with a great back-up plan to discover the Asian version of Hawaii.

-Martha Pasterkamp

Look for more updates from Martha and Luc Humbert, the roving eyes and ears for Mahjong News, as the events on Jeju unfold during the fourth MCR World Championship.

Link to the introductory article by Mahjong News from 20 July 2015.