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Mahjong In The News / Ans Hoogland Decisively Takes Danish Riichi Open
« on: September 07, 2015, 07:37:22 pm »


COPENHAGEN 06 September 2015 - It was a ladies-dominated podium at the MERS2 weighted 2015 Danish Riichi Open Championship, with Ans Hoogland of the Netherlands decisively taking first with 284,300 points, followed by Tina Chritensen of Denmark grabbing second with 180,500 points, with third going to Tanja Wankmüller of Austria with 160,700 points.

Final results of the Danish Riichi Open 2015




1 NL Ans Hoogland 284300
2 DK Tina Christensen 180500
3 AT Tanja Wankmüller 160700
4 DK Frank Rostved 156400
5 UK Philip Bielby 148000
6 AT Alexander Wankmüller 70600
7 DK Freddy Christiansen 57300
8 DK Sebastian Lavallée 49200
9 AT Josua Bächle 48100
10 NL Cor Hoogland 47100
11 DK Isabel Bahiano Steenholm 43600
12 DK Brian Krog 33300
13 DK Camilla Bonde Dalsgaard 21400
14 UK Gemma Collinge 20200
15 DK Sheila Hansen 13500
16 DK Jesper Nøhr 4300
17 SE Robin Ekman -30200
18 SE Jasper Germeys -30400
19 DK Robert Bonde Jensen -41600
20 SE Karl-Edward Ekeblad -66000
21 DK Henrik Leth -67400
22 DK Kim Iversen -102600
23 DK Claes Schütt -103900
24 NL Harry Kal -106400
25 DK Eigo Kawatani -128300
26 SE Stefan Persson -128300
27 DE Timur Hahn -245200
28 AT Darja Dujmovic -288200

Mahjong In The News / San Gimignano Goes to Francesco Martini
« on: September 07, 2015, 07:34:33 pm »


SAN GIMIGNANO 06 September 2015 - Martimi Francesco narrowly defeated his opponents in this MERS1 weighted tournament to take 1st with 20 table points, followed closely by Elena Savini with 19 and 925 points, and Ombretta Tassinari also with 19 but 421 points.

Final results of the SAN GIMIGNANO 2015




1 Francesco Martini 20 912 ITA Il Vin Santo e i suoi cantucci
2 Elena Savini 19 925 ITA Evergreen
3 Ombretta Tassinari 19 421 ITA The Beach Toys
4 Jili Pfeiffer 17 872 FRA Pungissimo
5 Marco Milandri 17 489 ITA Gli Spritz
6 Bruno Manzo 17 406 FRA Les vins chow
7 Stefania Procopio 17 322 ITA Yamas Team
8 Angela Plebani 17 274 ITA Flying Circus
9 Marjan van den Nieuwendijk 15 591 NED The Dutch Dragons
10 Cyrille Rak 15 444 FRA Lambruschow
11 Rossella Calosci 15 355 ITA Cabernet
12 Stefania Gori 15 69 ITA Cabernet
13 Chris Scheffler 14 498 NED Gli Spritz
14 Matthieu Pfeiffer 14 453 FRA Pungissimo
15 Francesco Facchino 14 327 ITA Osteria Ambrosiana
16 Anna Shpilman 14 299 RUS Vodkatime
17 Francesca Battaglini 14 171 ITA Vodkatime
18 Joël Ratsimandresy 14 105 FRA Les vins chow
18 Sandra Bondoin 14 105 FRA Les vins chow
20 Aleksei Shpilman 13 449 RUS Vodkatime
21 Caroline Arnaud 13 285 ITA Pungissimo
22 Maurizio Bagnoli 13 161 ITA Helzapoppin'
23 Giacomo Ferruzzi 13 23 ITA Il Vin Santo e i suoi cantucci
24 Michele Comerci 13 -184 ITA Flying Circus
25 Agnès Rak 12 210 FRA Lambruschow
26 Annie Manzo 12 121 FRA Les vins chow
27 Vittorio Bassi 12 83 ITA Yamas Team
28 Olivier Roy 12 44 FRA Merlot
29 Stefano Rijoff 12 33 ITA Osteria Ambrosiana
30 Fabrizio Ferri 11.5 173 ITA Gli Spritz
31 Cédric Aguerre 11.5 94 FRA O Chowle mio
32 Alexander Doppelhofer 11 285 AUT Tipatipanarivé
33 Mélanie Moreau 11 153 FRA O Chowle mio
34 Gianfranco Piancastelli 11 148 ITA Gewurztraminer
35 Simon Fongue 11 137 FRA Merlot
36 Marco Montebelli 11 126 ITA The Beach Toys
37 Michele Bollino 11 101 ITA Yamas Team
38 Pauline van der Linden 11 -1 NED The Dutch Dragons
39 Jaap Croeze 11 -15 NED Gewurztraminer
40 Patrizia Buscarini 11 -22 ITA Gli Spritz
41 Paride Benini 10 -137 ITA Evergreen
42 Reine Doris 10 -147 FRA Tipatipanarivé
43 Ad van der Linden 9 34 NED The Dutch Dragons
44 Giuseppe Iacolino 9 -35 ITA Il Vin Santo e i suoi cantucci
45 Marianne Croeze 9 -69 NED Gewurztraminer
46 Marie-Josée Oreggia 9 -129 FRA Tipatipanarivé
47 Alessia Cosmo 9 -137 ITA Il Vin Santo e i suoi cantucci
48 Serena Porrati 9 -182 ITA The Beach Toys
49 Marco Bazzocchi 9 -324 ITA Evergreen
50 Patrick Venturini 9 -387 FRA O Chowle mio
51 Laura Enfi 8 136 ITA Yamas Team
52 Christophe Lefebvre 8 11 FRA Champagne
53 Daniela Natali 8 -6 ITA Osteria Ambrosiana
54 Annick Pause 8 -112 FRA Tipatipanarivé
55 Augusto Gherardi 8 -121 ITA Flying Circus
56 Sebastien Ferrante 8 -297 FRA Merlot
57 Michèle Aubrun 8 -330 FRA Lambruschow
58 Oscar Palmisano 8 -361 ITA Osteria Ambrosiana
59 Annabel Di Domenico 7 -45 FRA Champagne
60 Christiane D'Angelo 7 -255 FRA Champagne
61 Oscar van den Nieuwendijk 7 -260 NED The Dutch Dragons
62 Massimiliano Tranchina 7 -586 ITA Champagne
63 Miria Martelli 6 -209 ITA Helzapoppin'
64 Nathalie Larrigaudiere 6 -312 FRA O Chowle mio
65 Paolo Moznich 6 -367 ITA Flying Circus
66 Lionel Legaie 6 -601 FRA Pungissimo
67 Aymeric Bouvet 6 -698 FRA Merlot
68 Danilo Serio 5 -327 ITA Vodkatime
69 Piero Taroni 5 -436 ITA The Beach Toys
70 Maurizio Ciol 5 -692 ITA Gewurztraminer
71 Daniel Aubrun 4 -549 FRA Lambruschow
72 Alberto Venturi 4 -623 ITA Helzapoppin'
73 Gianluca Bertolotti 4 -715 ITA Cabernet
74 Luca Gavelli 3 -257 ITA Evergreen
75 Franca Pece 3 -456 ITA Helzapoppin'
76 Silvia Masoni 3 -461 ITA Cabernet

The team competition was won by the French "Les Vins Chow" whose members were: Sandra Bondoin, Joel Ratsimandresy, Bruno and Annie Manzo who made 57 table points. Second place was "Gil Spritz" with 53.5 points scored by Patrizia Buscarini, Chris Scheffler, Fabrizio Ferri and Marco Milandri. Third place "Il Vin Santo ed i suoi Cantucci" by Francesco Martini, Giuseppe Iacolino, Alessia and James Cosmo Ferruzzi with 51 points.


Ocean County Library Mahjong Tournament

National Mah-Jongg League
Wednesday 14 October 2015, 08:30am - 06:00pm

Ocean County Library, Toms River branch, 101 Washington St., Toms River, NJ  08753. Telephone: 732-349-6200.
Day/date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
8:30 a.m.
Play begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.
Prizes will be awarded.
Limited to 80 participants. Registration deadline is Oct. 2nd.
Entry fee is $40, includes a continental breakfast and a luncheon.
Make checks payable to Friends of the Berkeley Branch. Send registration to Friends of the Berkeley Library, 30 Station Rd., Bayville, NJ  08721.
All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Ocean County Library.
Questions? Call Marie Goione, 732-269-8210.
Location Toms River, New Jersey, USA
Contact Marie Goione, 732-269-8210

Mahjong In The News / Ad Van der Linden Wins Chow Time Villejuif Open
« on: August 30, 2015, 08:11:12 pm »


VILLEJUIF, France - After the second day, Ad Van der Linden (NL) won this MERS1 tournament, followed by Cédric Aguerre (FR) in second and Nathalie Mahé (FR) third.

During this last weekend of august, 100 players from 7 countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and Japan) competed for Chow Time 2015 in Villejuif, France.


This was the 4th MCR MERS tournament organized by the French club Fleur d'Orchidée.
At the end of the first day, Ad Van der Linden (NL) and Cédric Aguerre (FR) had the maximum score with 12 table points.

After the second day, they were both still on the top : Ad Van der Linden (NL) won the tournament, Cédric Aguerre (FR) ended second and Nathalie Mahé (FR) third.

Ad won also the prize for the best team with Gerda Van Oorschot, Eveline Broers and his wife Pauline Van der Linden.


This tournament was the first part of the French-Italian Cup In Vino Veritas : the second part will take place last next weekend in San Gimignano. The best player for the cumulate ranking will win bottles of French and Italian wines.


Final results of the Chow Time Villejuif Open 2015




1 Ad VAN DER LINDEN 20 903 nl
2 Cédric AGUERRE 20 586 fr
3 Nathalie MAHE 19 869 fr
4 Marjan VAN DEN NIEUWENDIJK 19 703 nl
5 Aziz AZOUGAGH 18 795 fr
6 Dieter KOPMANIS 18 315 be
7 Michele COMERCI 17 540 it
8 Jean-Louis BARBET 17 421 fr
9 Chris DE ROOCK 16 470 be
10 Mélanie MOREAU 16 454 fr
11 Matthieu PFEIFFER 16 198 fr
12 Eveline BROERS 15 669 nl
13 Fanette LAPLAGNE 15 618 fr
14 Michèle AUBRUN 15 608 fr
15 Serena PORRATI 15 469 it
16 Romain HERDIER 15 443 fr
17 Ombretta TASSINARI 15 398 it
18 Augusto GHERARDI 15 390 it
19 Frédéric PETIT 14 439 fr
20 Kévin TOUSSAINT 14 196 fr
21 Anna SHPILMAN 14 133 ru
22 Thierry CLAUDEL 14 73 fr
23 Reine DORIS 14 72 fr
24 Simon FONGUE 13 423 fr
25 Guillaume FRANCOIS 13 270 fr
26 Olivier BOIVIN 13 235 fr
27 Daniela NATALI 13 166 it
28 Sandra BONDOIN 13 123 fr
29 Tine WECKHUYZEN 13 52 be
30 Frédérique GRONDIN 13 23 fr
31 Luc HUMBERT 13 -21 ch
32 Pauline VAN DER LINDEN 12 327 nl
33 Rudi KOPMANIS 12 321 be
34 Sophie KEMPER 12 298 be
35 Alberto ROSI 12 153 it
36 Marco MONTEBELLI 12 136 it
37 Corine DI DOMENICO 12 85 fr
38 Anna CANOVA PUTINIER 12 69 ch
39 Sébastien FERRANTE 12 -49 fr
40 Catherine XANTHOPOULOS 12 -143 fr
41 Jérémie BARBET 11 191 fr
42 Marianne CROEZE 11 100 nl
43 Guillaume GUERIN 11 17 fr
44 Olivier ROY 11 -3 fr
45 Miria MARTELI 11 -31 it
46 Lionel LEGAIE 11 -57 fr
47 Emma GUENEL 11 -156 fr
48 David JOURDAIN 10 28 fr
49 Isabelle CHANE PANE 10 11 fr
50 Annabel DI DOMENICO 10 4 fr
51 Josiane DELBOS 10 2 fr
52 Alessia COSMO 10 -119 it
53 Tim XANTHOPOULOS 10 -228 fr
54 Leni JANSSEN 9 123 nl
55 Bruno MANZO 9 52 fr
56 Judith RAVEL 9 27 fr
57 Christiane D'ANGELO 9 -12 fr
58 Sylvie VALOGNES 9 -44 fr
59 Fréderic CHASSOT 9 -51 ch
60 Stefano RIJOFF 9 -73 it
61 Thérèse ROBLIN 9 -108 fr
62 Manuel SANTOS 9 -164 fr
63 Claire MATHERN 9 -181 fr
64 Olivier AUBRUN 9 -223 fr
65 Mikiko SUZUKI 9 -237 ja
66 Jos DERMOUT 9 -617 be
67 Joël RATSIMANDRESY 8 44 fr
68 Annick PAUSE 8 30 fr
69 Gerda VAN OORSCHOT 8 -43 nl
70 Catherine JOURDAIN 8 -182 fr
71 Agnès RAK 8 -285 fr
72 Christina SVAY 8 -287 fr
73 Chris JANSSEN 8 -377 nl
74 Aleksei SHPILMAN 8 -379 ru
75 Nathalie LARRIGAUDIERE 8 -438 fr
76 Giuseppe IACOLINO 8 -458 it
77 Gérard HECHE 7 -72 ch
78 Jili PFEIFFER 7 -92 fr
79 Nathalie JACQUART 7 -102 ch
80 Francesco MARTINI 7 -154 it
81 Wenda VANDERBIST 7 -204 be
82 Anthony EA 7 -252 fr
83 Arnaud MORRENS 7 -307 be
84 Haneke MOREL 7 -315 nl
85 Hubert VIGNAUD 7 -320 fr
86 Marieke VERHEYDEN 7 -418 be
87 Apolline DRAUX 6 -132 fr
88 Jacqueline BRILLANT 6 -309 fr
89 Laurent CLAUDEL 6 -471 fr
90 Jérôme SAHAL 6 -484 fr
91 Yannick MICHIELS 5 -444 be
92 Oscar VAN DEN NIEUWENDIJK 5 -728 nl
93 Marie-Josée ORREGIA 4 -245 fr
94 Jaap CROEZE 4 -277 nl
95 Christophe LEFEBVRE 4 -503 fr
96 Angela PLEBANI 4 -663 it
97 Irma MICHIELS 4 -712 be
98 Giacomo FERRUZZI 4 -720 it
99 Patrick VENTURINI 3 -526 fr
100 Christian TAN 2 -675 fr



NIZHNIY NOVGOROD, Russia August 22, 2015 - The winner of the tournament was Andrei Elshankin (Ivanovo), collected on the basis of four hanchans and his 157,800 points. Second place went to Oleg Hitrov (Arzamas) with 128,200 points, and the third went to Leon to Nikolaev (Saint-Petersburg), who earned 96,900 points. The incentive prize was Maxim Veselov for the largest number of points scored in a single hanchan.

The tournament was attended by 36 people, including two foreignersTakanori Watanabe and Keyske Fudzie. Half of the participants had not previously participated in a prior tournament according to the rules of the EMA.


Final results of the Nizhny Novgorod Riichi Championship 2015



1 Andrey Elshankin 157800
2 Oleg Hitrov 128200
3 Leon Nikolaev 96900
4 Vitaliy Novikov 93700
5 Dmitry Bykov 92500
6 Ilya Velikanov 84900
7 Elena Gorjacheva 75600
8 Keyske Fujiye 68000
9 Maxim Veselov 66700
10 Maria Sokolova 60700
11 Alexander Masalin 53200
12 Sergey Aleshin 49800
13 Oleg Abrashkin 43600
14 Ilya Monakov 32000
15 Philip Trotsenko 26400
16 Igor Tsarkov 20800
17 Ramil Usmanov 6500
18 Mikhail Lugovkin 5700
19 Alexey Yazev -1700
20 Sergei Khudyakov -6000
21 Renat Kurmaev -13400
22 Rodion Usmanov -18300
23 Daria Ilyina -22100
24 Andrey Shifrin -32100
25 Zilya Usmanova -42500
26 Ilya Panferov -48500
27 Alexander Bogatikov -62700
28 Sergey Vasilev -63800
29 Dmitry Volodin -79500
30 Alexander Sazanov -80800
31 Takanori Vatanabe -81300
32 Tamara Borodina -112100
33 Michael Troshin -112300
34 Alexander Altynchurin -114100
35 Catherine Orehova -114900
36 Anastasiya Chernih -156900



CHINA - The Mahjong International League, the group bringing duplicate mahjong to the world, and the host of the October World Mahjong Sport Games in Sanya City, have released their registration instructions.

The 1st World Mahjong Sport Games will be held from 24th to 28th Oct. 2015, in the "Eastern Hawaii" city of Sanya, Hainan Province, mainland China. The Duplicate Format will be used not only for individual competition but also team competition based on the common MCR rules as the main event; meanwhile Mahjong Carnival will be hosting parallel events in riichi (WRC rules) and Sichuan rules within the Sportify Mahjong Mind Sports (duplicat) format.

Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya.

Registration Instructions are available here.

Team Registration forms are available here.

Individual Registration Forms are available here.

For more information about the games, go here.

Japanese Riichi / Broke into the R1900's just today! Just barely.
« on: August 12, 2015, 01:07:33 pm »
Steadily progressing upward as I go. I worried I wouldn't make it into the 1900's but at 1905, I'm JUST in there.   ;D

I thought (特上) tokujo would be pretty scary, but good news is I find it actually more predictable than was the jokyu (上級) room, and the win/loss payoff ratios are so much better, so it's actually LESS stressful than was jokyu. If I lose, I generally saw it coming, and I don't suffer too much of a point hit for having lost.

The other nice thing is almost everyone has a higher R rating than me, so when I do win, I get a nice bump in my R. Definitely worth shooting for access to tokujo, because once you get there, riichi mahjong gets even more fun.

Mahjong In The News / Raúl Ríos Navarro Wins Águilas Tournament 2015
« on: August 09, 2015, 06:07:34 pm »


AGUILAS, Spain 08 Sugust 2015 - Congratulations to the winner of the tournament Raul Rios Navarro (ESP), and to the runner-up Iván Maestre Ros (ESP) and third place Samuel Heredia Tunisia (ESP), in the 3rd Aguilas Mahjong Tournament.


Also a special congratulations to Antonio Ayllon, who received the trophy for the best hand of the tournament, a 13 Orphans hand totaling 95 points.

Final results of the Aguilas Tournament 2015




1 Raúl Ríos Navarro 14 435
2 Iván Maestre Ros 12 399
3 Samuel Túnez Heredia 12 356
4 Héctor Escaso 10 237
5 Katia Túnez Heredia 9 -57
6 Antonio Ayllón 8 207
7 Ernesto Vega de la Iglesia Soria 8 -53
8 José Moreno Merino 7 291
9 Domingo García García 7 -53
10 Juan José García García 6 21
11 Federico Martínez Wandosell 6 -91
12 Marta Soria Castellano 5 132
13 Pilar Castellano Rivas 3 -96
14 Edgar Rubio Rodilla 3 -495
15 Carmen Valbuena Medina 2 -382
16 Isabel Pérez Monteagudo 0 -851

Mahjong In The News / Your Search For a Fresh Mahjong Read is Over
« on: August 08, 2015, 11:34:54 am »


Bubbe Meises Publishers - "Author Karen Gooen had a plan: if she could find the right mentor, the quintessential mah jongg maven, then perhaps she could master the game. Searching for Bubbe Fischer is the story of her quest to become an expert, and the unexpected wisdom she learned along the way."

As the author states in her note, this is a book about American-style mah jongg, as standardized by the National Mah Jongg League (NMJL). It's a book that chronicals like a daily diary her discovery of the game, and her efforts learning to play by the offical rules, as well as her having to come to terms with learning to play by the unwriten rules of the NMJL society and politics.

For fellow enthusiasts, the reader may very well find parallels with their own life and process of learning to play NMJL mah jongg within the pages of this book, written in easy to read comfortable prose.

Additonally, aside from sharing her personal experiences in Part One of the book, Mrs. Gooen gives the reader more bonus content in Part Two, wherein she covers the more techinical discussions of the game. Part Two includes a beginner's guide with various strategic pointers on how to master the game, how to master the NMJL card, and how to pick a hand worth going for. If you've already mastered those points, there is even an advanced section for the more experienced players.

For the more ambitious reader, contained within are also pointers on how to run your own tournaments, and how to modify the game to accomodate atypical numbers of players, from three, to five, and more.

Searching for Bubbe Fischer: the Path to Mah Jongg Wisdom by Karen Gooen and published by Bubbe Meises Publishers, touches on pretty much every topic a NMJL player may want to read about, and may very well resonate with the reader's personal experience in the process of learning to play one of the most popular games in the world.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9907601-2-2
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9907601-7-7

Mahjong In The News / Mahjong on Ice is Twice as Nice
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:37:06 pm »


CHONGQUING China 07 August 2015 - When outside temperatures hit averages of 40 C (104 F) this week, the government opened up the giant ice room storage facilities to the public so a few paying tourists can chill at -10 C playing mahjong. Outside it's officially an orange alert for heat exhaustion, while inside it's orange jackets and fun.



Mahjong In The News / Gearing Up for the 2015 World Series of Mahjong
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:35:30 pm »


HONG KONG 06 August 2015 (updated) - World Mahjong Limited has announced from Hong Kong details of the World Series of Mahjong’s return to the international stage in December, with multiple online qualifying tournaments and qualifying land games in international locations. Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Ltd has also announced they will be sponsoring all of the automatic tables for this event, stating that it will be taking place December 5 & 6 in the Venetian Macao Resort.

Official registration for the World Series of Mahjong main event will be announced soon. The tournament is open to any player ages 21 and older. For more information on the World Series of Mahjong 2015 and registration, please visit:

Practice for the event online here:

With a potential prize pool of USD 575,000, the top 32 players will each share in the cash prizes. In addition to the cash prize, the Main Event champion will receive a trip for two to Vancouver with business class airfare included as well as free invitation to all future World Series of Mahjong Main Event tournaments, along with the coveted golden mahjong necklace.


“This year, along with our traditional land-based qualifying tournaments, which will be held in a number of countries and territories, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, North America and other locations to be announced, we are excited to announce that players can also both practice and qualify online through our technology partnership with PerfectPairs Gaming/GigaMedia,” said Jim Mehren, President of World Mahjong Ltd.. “We are delighted to announce our partnership with leading online mahjong operator, Funtown. With over 4 million registered users, the World Series of Mahjong Rules© based online game is available for free practice play today, with qualifying tournaments starting in July. We will be announcing many more online partners in the coming months around the world.” added Jim.

This fourth-ever World Series of Mahjong features former champions including WSOM 2007 champion Mr. Hui Chung Lai, WSOM 2008 champion Mr. Ho Kwok Hung and WSOM 2010 champion Mr. Chan Tak Kwan and, who will attempt to defend their titles against a deep, international field of mahjong players.

“It has been great to see the game of mahjong rise to an international level and compete with such amazing talent from around the world, I really can’t wait to meet and compete with all those talents later this year,” said Mr. Ho Kwok Hung, Champion of WSOM 2008.

“For each new tournament, the international talent pool becomes stronger and stronger. This year, I have trained with patience in mind because, when everyone’s skills are at the same level, that is one way I have learned to outlast my opponents.” Mr. Chan Tak Kwan, Champion of WSOM 2010 shared his tips on how to defend his title.


World Mahjong Limited is also pleased to announce a partnership with Treyo Leisure and Entertainment Ltd. (Treyo), the parent company of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co., the world’s leading brand of automatic mahjong tables in China, for the World Series of Mahjong 2015. During the press conference, Treyo announced that it will provide the latest in automatic mahjong tables to be used throughout the World Series of Mahjong 2015.

Mahjong In The News / Alan Kwan Talks About the 2015 WSOM
« on: August 07, 2015, 10:33:14 pm »


HONG KONG 06 August 2015 - Behind the scenes of the World Series of Mahjong toils it's rules creator, Mr. Alan Kwan. Mahjong News catches up with Mr. Kwan to learn more about the origins of the regulations guiding this international event.

Mahjong News: Let’s begin by your telling us a little about yourself, who you are and what you do.

Alan Kwan: I am Alan Kwan, a bona fide Hong Kong person. I compiled the Zung Jung rules and am acting as the Rules Director for World Series of Mahjong.

I learned mahjong when I was a small child: my sister taught me to make sequences and triplets. Many of my relatives played the game.

Mahjong News: Where there particular influences in your life of mahjong that you’d like to share with us?

Alan Kwan: A while after I first learned the game, I moved on to other games, both traditional ones (chess etc.) and more modern designs. It was my contact with the New Style patterns (mainly categories 5 to 8 in Zung Jung) which really rekindled my interest. After trying out the existing versions, I was left wanting more, so I began developing my version of New Style, which became Zung Jung.

Mahjong News: The world has come to learn and enjoy your style of mahjong, which you’ve named Zung Jung. We understand this to mean the way of the middle. Can you expound a bit for us on what motivated you to write your own rules, how that process played out, and share with us your thoughts on the final product.

Alan Kwan: Actually, Zung Jung isn't that much special or extraordinary. It's really just a compilation of select New Style patterns. I was fascinated by the New Style patterns, which rewarded beauty and elegance in the hand. But then, as I tried the existing versions, I felt that the hand score value often did not reflect accurately the beauty and elegance of the hand. So Zung Jung was an effort to accomplish precisely that.

I believing that Zung Jung has accomplished its goal. It's a reasonably simple set of rules, fit for both casual entertainment and formal competitions. A competition standard for a traditional game is not supposed to be special or extraordinary; it should be normal! I'm happy with it.

Mahjong News: Aside from imagining the Zung Jung rules, mahjong has inspired you yet again, with this second inspiration bringing us the World Series of Mahjong. Tell us about this brain child, and how it came to be?

Alan Kwan: The idea of trying to organize a real-money mahjong tournament belongs to my bosses in World Mahjong Limited, Mr. John Hardyment and Mr. Jim Mehren. They were looking for a ruleset fit for an international competition, and they chanced upon me. I was eager to get Zung Jung adopted in a real competition, so I accepted the job and filled in the rest of the rules.

I am grateful that we have a great team in WML. My colleagues handled all the other complicated stuff, such as planning, marketing, etc, so I can focus working on the rules.

Mahjong News: Currently, the World Series of Mahjong has had numerous successful runs, and looks to be gearing up for yet another exciting iteration. Can you share with us any trails, tribulations, or obstacles that you may have faced in bringing this new event to the world?

Alan Kwan: The difficulties are too many to count, because we are trying to create a big event. Fortunately, my bosses and colleagues are handling most of them, thus allowing me to focus on my own area of responsibility. In which the biggest disappointment was probably tournament format v1, which had serious flaws. It eliminated too many players too fast, so most players were not having fun. As we were closing WSoM 2008, I decided that we had to implement a better format for the next event. Hence we switched to format v2 for 2010, which allowed all players to play a large part of the tournament before anyone was eliminated. The players loved it.

I want our tournament format to preserve certain fundamental qualities of mahjong. Some tournament systems give players points based on their ranking at the table, but I won't go with that kind of system because I feel that it is too much a departure from the usual game. When most people play mahjong, they are trying to win points for themselves (which translates to cash payment); if, after a session, I've won 280 points while you've won 290, I would consider myself a winner - if you've won more points than me, good for you, but that's not going to hurt me a bit. I feel that the table-rank-based format distorts the game too much. The challenge, then, is to find a format which works. Format v1 did work, but it had serious flaws. Now we have v2, and it works very well, without the flaws in v1. With v2 we're even translating mahjong points to cash (prize) payment. ;-)

Mahjong News: Aside from the bumps in the road, with so much success, there clearly are high points. Tell us about the glories you’ve enjoyed with the WSOM and Zung Jung.

Alan Kwan: My greatest satisfaction is in being able to offer a fun and exciting competition to the players at the event, as well as providing everyone with a good mahjong ruleset for everyday playing. I love good games myself. So I feel really honored when people enjoy what I'm offering.


Jeju Island

JEJU, South Korea - The fourth iteration of the MCR World Mahjong Championship, as hosted by the World Mahjong Organization, will be held this November on Jeju Island, South Korea.

This majestic island is defined by its volcanic landscape, which is full of craters and cavelike lava tubes. Hallasan Mountain, a dormant volcano can can be seen from anywhere on the island, features hiking trails, the Gwaneumsa Temple, and a crater lake at its absolute summit. The Geomunoreum Lava Tube System includes the 7.4km-long Manjanggul, a phenomena created centuries ago when Hallasan was still active.

Dol Hareubang statues

This years championship will be held in conjunction with the Tenth Anniversary of the World Mahjong Organization. They expect more than 300 players from Asia, America and Europe.

The organizers this year are being spearheaded by the WinAsia Law Firm, who is already following the many qualifying tournaments being held around the World as players vie for a chance to compete in November.

The Yakcheonsa Temple

For more information on the tournament, visit the WMO website. More updates by Mahjong News as details emerge.



SAN FRANCISCO, California 17 July 2015 - The American media service Crunchyroll will stream the live-action Akagi television series in about 150 countries and territories, after episodes air in Japan. The adaptation of the Akagi mahjong gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto will premiere in Japan this Friday, July 17 at 9:00 p.m.




SANYA, China 12 July 2015 - The 1st World Mahjong Sports Games will be held from 24th to 28th Oct., in the "Eastern Hawaii" city of Sanya, Hainan Province, mainland China. The Duplicate Format will be used not only for individual competition but also team competition based on the common MCR rules as the main event; meanwhile Mahjong Carnival will be hosting parallel events in riichi (WRC rules) and Sichuan rules within the Sportify Mahjong Mind Sports (duplicat) format.


More details are yet to be released on how individuals, teams, and countries may register for the event, but prospective players are encouraged to begin preparations. The organizers of the Mahjong International League, along with it's co-organizer and sponsor BEIJINGLIANZHONGCO.,LTD. have been working hard to bring this world event to the stage, and have formalized the schedule for players' preparations.


Details of the rules:

MCR: 1998 version of the Official Mahjong Competition rules.

Riichi: 2015 version fo the World Riichi Championship rules.

Sichuan: Official details to follow.

Competition Formats
Individual: ranked according to table points. All tables play the same tiles and each player gets his original scores after each hand. According to the players`original scores sitting at the same direction, we can get four relative rankings for four different directions. For one certain player, his ranking can be converted into
standard points of each hand at his certain direction. After some certain hands, the sums of standard points of the certain player will be the final results for competition comparison at his certain direction. That means there will be four champions of four directions. 

Team: four teams are set into one group and each team has four players. For each hand, the scores from four players sitting in different tables should be accumulated as the team score, and then the team score will be converted into team IMP. After some certain hands, the sums of IMPs of each team will be the final results for competition comparison.

For the duplicate format, Swiss Shift, Elimination Games and Circulation Games can be organized based on IMPs.

Introductions of Events
Main Events(Official Competition)

Event#1 Individual MCR Competition  
Format: After 10 sessions as preliminary, top 64 players shall be qualified to the semi-final.
Duplicate Format for Individual is used during the Semi-final and Final. 2 sessions for Semi-final with 64 to 16; 2 more sessions for Final with the top 16 ranking. 500 players are expected.

Event#2 Team MCR Competition 
Format: Duplicate format for Team. Swiss Shift is used from session1 to session 3 for 16 to
8; then 2 sessions for 8to4; 2 sSessions for the final. Players: 16 teams, 4 players for each team. 64 players are expected.

Mahjong Carnival (Exhibition Events)

Event#3 Japan Mahjong WRC rules Event
Format: each session will be one hanchan (East-South). Round robin will be used for the 7 sessions of the preliminary, and the top 16 players are qualified; 2 sessions for semi-final and top 4 qualified; 3sessions for the final. 100players are expected.

Event#4 Quick-Survival MCR Event
Format: Each player has 60 initial points. The players shall be eliminated after losing all
points, and then the remaining players will be re-arranged. Players can join in before10:30, but cannot re-enter once eliminated. 200 players are expected.

Event#5 Quick-Lap MCR Event
Format: each session has 1 round. Score 4-2-1-0 after each session. Rank according to the total scores of 8 sessions. 200 players are expected.

Event#6 Sichuan Mahjong Event
Format: each session has 1 round. Score 4-2-1-0 after each session. Rank according to the total scores of 8 sessions. 80 players are expected.

Event#7 Quick-Lap MCR Event
Format: each session has 1 round. Score 4-2-1-0 after each session. Rank according to the total scores of 8 sessions. 200 players are expected.

Event #8 Pair MCR Event
Format: one hand shall be end when 2 players declare a win. During one hand, the first winner shall gain the present points and finish. Then the other 3 players continue to play until the second player declares a WIN, with the second winner gaining the points from the remaining 3players. The result of one hand shall be calculated by the points of two WINs respectively. 2 players as one Pair can signup. One session has 1 round and a total of 8sessions will be played. The final ranking shall be according to the points of each Pair. 40 pairs are expected.

Event#9 Team Duplicate MCR Event.
Format: Each team has 4 players without specific requirements. Each session is 1 round. Swiss shift shall be used for the first 8 sessions and the top 4 teams are qualified. 4 sessions for the Final. 80 players are expected.

Event #10 Team Riichi Event
Format: Duplicate format for teams, following WRC rules. Each session is 1 round for a total of 6 sessions. 32 players are expected.

Event#11 Ms. MCR Event
Format: Women players begin with 200 points, and men only 50. Players shall be eliminated after losing all points and then the remaining players will be re-arranged. 80 players are expected. Remarks: concern about the female players`perspective, strict etiquette and other special rules shall be taken.

Main Events (Official Competition)

Event#1 Individual Competition: MIL members can help all the players to register before Sep.30th. MIL shall appoint some internet platforms to select players before Oct.15th. Personal registration or on-site registration shall not be accepted.

Event#2 Team Competition: Each member of the MIL can send 1 team as representative in principle before Aug. 31st. According to the registration order, the first 16 teams shall be accepted. A joint team among different countries shall be allowed on condition that not enough players hail from one country.  The number of teams may be adjusted dependsing on the real situation. Personal registration or on-site registration shall not be accepted.

Mahjong Carnival (Exhibition Events)

Event#3-Event#12: Tickets are required for all the exhibition events. On-site registration is
allowed. Players who are not involved in Event#1 or Event#2 can join in on-site. 

Players should pay their own travel expenses. Players for the Team Competition as national representatives are provided with board and lodging by sponsors from Oct 23rd to 28th (6nights). Players not involved for the Team Competition should pay their own expenses of board and lodging. The Organizing Committee will provide recommended hotels with contract prices. 

Main events: Event#1 Individual Competition, Event#2 TeamCompetition: no registration fee.

Mahjong Carnival (Exhibition Events): Event#3-Event#11: Daily tickets are required to enter the Mahjong Carnival Areas, to ensure a high level event and good order. Price of Daily ticket from Oct 26th to 28th is RMB¥150 (US$25). Price of a 3-days package (from Oct 26th to 28th) is RMB¥300 (US$50).

No registration fee or additional charges.

Main Events: Event #1 Team Competition, Event #2 Individual Competition
-Top 3 team and top 3 individual players will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively, comparing to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
-Top 4 team and top 16 individual players will receive certifications and master points issued by the MIL, and mystery awards provided by sponsors.

Mahjong Carnival (ExhibitionEvents):
-For Event #3 Japan Mahjong Event: Top 3 individual players will receive Gold, Silver and
Bronze medal respectively. Top 16 individual players will receive certifications and master
points issued by the MIL, and mystery awards provided by sponsors.

Other Events (Event #4- Event #11): The champion will receive a Gold medal. Top 4
individual players will receive certifications and master points issued by the MIL, and mystery awards provided by sponsors.

More than 500 players will participate in the events. 
Players from nearly 40 countries and regions will participate in the events.

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