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Where to Play: Live, Mobile, or Online / Kharkiv Riichi Open 2015
« on: July 09, 2015, 10:08:39 pm »
From Saturday 19 September 2015 -  10:00am
To Sunday 20 September 2015 - 06:00pm

More details when available.
Location Kharkiv, Ukraine

From Saturday 22 August 2015 -  10:00am - 06:00pm

Championship is open to all players, regardless of their age, place of residence, citizenship and membership in the Russian Mahjong Federation.

Pre-registration is offered for players who want to take part in the championship. Persons registered in advance will have preference if the number of participants is more than 40. For the pre-registration please fill the form below.

The fee for participation it the tournament is 1000 RUR.

Place: Nizhny Novgorod Marins Park Hotel, st. Sovetskaya, 12.

To win, a player must outpoint in four rounds. All the participants will be rewarded with the certificates. The winner, second-ranked and third-ranked players will be rewarded with memorable prizes as well.

Procedure of the tournament is regulated the rules approved by EMA.

Referee: Pavel Anokhin

Contact person: Maxim Veselov, +7-904-051-9461,

Championship Schedule:

09: 00-09: 45 Registration and drawing of lots

09: 45-10: 00 Opening Ceremony

10: 00-11: 30 First round

11: 30-11: 45 Small Break (15 minutes)

11: 45-13: 15 Second Round

13: 15-14: 45 Lunch Break (1 hour 30 minutes)

14: 45-16: 15 Third Round

16: 15-16: 30 Small Break (15 minutes)

16: 30-18: 00 Fourth round

18: 00-18: 15 Technical break (15 minutes)

18: 15-18: 30 Award Ceremony and Closing
Location Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Where to Play: Live, Mobile, or Online / Only Riichi Open 2015
« on: July 09, 2015, 09:57:38 pm »
Saturday 24 October 2015, 10:00am - 06:00pm
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Dates of the tournament     24 october 2015
Venue     Brotteaux Bridge Club
Entry fee     20 €
Fee includes beverages, snacks, light breakfast and lunch.
Registration deadline     24 september 2015
Number of participants     32
Tournament mode     4 sessions of 2 hours each
Rules     Règles internationales officielles Riichi (Riichi Competion Rules)
Les régles sont décrites dans :
- Riichi – Rules for Japanese Mahjong
- Riichi – Overview sheet
Official language     English
Referee     to define
EMA Observer     to define
Location Lyon, France

Brotteaux Bridge Club
49 bd des Brotteaux 69006 LYON

The place is a 5-minute walk from the BROTTEAUX line B metro station or 5 minutes from the train station Lyon Part-Dieu.

The tournament will accept 32 players. The registration fee for the tournament is 20 € This participation includes a light breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks during breaks. For your hotel, remember to book by yourself.

Registrations will be validated after the payment by credit transfer before 24 september 2015 on :

IBAN : FR98 2004 1010 0715 9620 6E03 855

For the transfer, indicate forename, firstname and EMA number.




WRCC 09 July 2015 - The much talked about updates to the World Riichi Championship rules are released. You can download the latest version here. Mahjong News catches up with the rulebook's primary author Sylvain Malbec for details.

Mahjong News: The 2015 WRC rules are released. Why did the WRC feel the need to revise the rules from the 2013 version used in the WRC in Paris?

Mostly because the penalties were considered too harsh. There was also some points needing to be addressed, like calls' precedence, penalty for swap-calling, how to avoid incoherent score-sheets, ...

Mahjong News: What significant changes were made?

Penalties have been reduced to reflect more the offenses' level of disturbance. Notably, in case of a simultaneous chonbo and win, the chonbo is now fully voided. Also, not following the protocol by the letter, especially for calls and riichi, is quite ok, as long as the player makes clear what he is intending to do.

Renhō (Blessing of Man) is no longer cumulative with other yakus and dora, so it will always score mangan. Of course, if your hand worth more without counting Renhō, you must score it to the best.

The precedence and timing for declarations have been reviewed, to get rid of the un-enforceable 3-second rule. To summarize: now the first caller gets the cake, but calls for ron trumps all.

Of course, bad practices like shark-picking (drawing quickly to close the "window of opportunity") are discouraged. Also the whole text have been reviewed to take care of any ambiguity and make sure it's easy to understand.

Mahjong News: Did your meeting with Mr. Shigekazu Moriyama have any impact on the rules and their revision?

Unfortunately, we hadn't had time to discuss the rules during the group study session.

Mahjong News: Were there any challenges or obstacles toward getting the rules revised?

Yes, it's quite tricky to find out what's the most suitable way to handle each situation, and to make sure it's coherent with other situations.

Other noticeable challenges are proofreading for typos, grammar, orthography and bad English. (Thanks a lot for your [Scott Miller's] help on this! :) )
Also, proofreading for missing rulepoints.
Also, proofreading for loop-holes.
Also, proofreading for edition errors.

Organization is also problem: IMHO conversations via forum and email don't work that well.
It's too easy to let time fly waiting for replies, while not knowing if other participants intent to reply, or if they haven't seen the message yet. I think we'll need to setup firm deadlines and plan chat/video meetings for future revisions. But that will surely be problematic, considering we (WRC Committee) are volunteers and scattered all over the globe.

Mahjong News: What are the hopes of the WRC committee in these new rules?

I can't tell for the committee, but for me I hope they'll spread wider than world championships.
I've tried to make them easy to read and to understand, hopefully even for non-fluent English readers, and I hope most people will find them pleasant to play, not only during competitions but also for casual games. Please use them :)

Mahjong News: is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers?

I invite anyone interested to know more to come see my commented version.

Mahjong In The News / Marco Montebelli #1 in the Dutch MCR Open
« on: July 05, 2015, 02:16:47 pm »

BERGHEM, Netherlands 05 July 2015 - Marco Montebelli (IT) takes 1st place, followed by Anna Sphilman (RUS) in 2nd, and Ans Hoogland (NL) in 3rd.


Final results of the Dutch MCR Open Mahjong Tournament 2015



Marco Montebelli




Anna Sphilman

- -


Ans Hoogland



These results are hot off the presses. More details when available.

Mahjong In The News / Playing Mahjong to Honor the Dead
« on: July 04, 2015, 10:37:45 am »

Mourners play majhjong near a coffin during a funeral wake.MANILA Philippines 01 July 2015 - In the Philippines, gambling isn’t just a past time, but a way to honor the dead. Betting games, mah jong, and card tables are often set up at Filipino wakes, or paglalamay, where the tradition is to keep a 24-hour vigil over the deceased until the burial.




CESNA, Italy 28 June 2015 - Marco Montebelli in 1st with 14 table points and 475 raw points, Marco Milandri also with 14 table points but 439 raw points, and Stefano Scaramuzza as 3rd with 12 table points.

Final results of the Davide Zani Memorial MCR Tournament 2015

1 Marco Montebelli 14 475
2 Marco Milandri 14 439
3 Stefano Scaramuzza 12 386
4 Valentina Valentino 11 360
5 Matteo Tenderini 11 160
6 Stefano Rijoff 11 337
7 Elena Savini 10 161
8 Francesca Battaglini 9 266
9 Augusto Gherardi 9 -37
10 Danilo Serio 9 139
11 Marco Lorenzi 8 270
12 Francesco Martini 8 190
13 Ombretta Tassinari 8 63
14 Marco Bazzocchi 8 197
15 Daniela Natali 8 80
16 Gianfranco Piancastelli 7 59
17 Meris Biguzzi 7 17
18 Franca Pece 6 -118
19 Fabrizio Ferri 6 -223
20 Bruna Gatta 5 -204
21 Serena Porrati 5 -274
22 Massimiliano Tranchina 5 -278
23 Francesco Facchino 4 -301
24 Alberto Rosi 4 -305
25 Maurizio Bagnoli 3 -204
26 Patrizia Buscarini 3 -260
27 Giuseppe Iacolino 3 -308
27 Alberto Venturi 3 -308
29 Davide Mastrullo 2 -308
30 Miria Martelli 2 -471



(Update: Full results now available)

PARIS, France 28 June 2015 - All three podium winners were very tight. Masahiko Takahashi, with 199.1 points narrowly defeats Sean Shortea's 191.7 points, followed by Aleksei Shpilman with 180.4.

Final results of the French Riichi Championship 2015

PlaceFirst NLast NNatPts
1 Masahiko Takahashi JPN 199100
2 Sean Shorten FRA 191700
3 Aleksei Shpilman RUS 180400
4 Yann Salmon FRA 168200
5 Vadim Horwat FRA 109200
6 Matej Labas SVK 107000
7 Ana Shpilman RUS 106500
8 Alexis Azoulai FRA 94000
9 Huan Wu FRA 90000
10 Valentin Courtois FRA 75500
11 Anthony Huss FRA 74600
12 Jessica Henry FRA 70100
13 Kaoru Goto FRA 46000
14 Nicolas Campina FRA 35900
15 Auvo Kuusela FIN 30000
16 Cédric Rostein FRA 27800
17 Ondrej Bellay SVK 27300
18 Joe-Calberson Huynh FRA 20700
19 Frédéric Petit FRA 19000
20 Alexandre Annabi FRA 18400
21 Quentin Porcherot FRA 15800
22 Bruno Manzo FRA 15600
23 Annie Manzo FRA 14400
24 Jeremy DeMaujory FRA 14400
25 Maude Grimberg FRA 10700
26 Geneviève Godart FRA 3000
27 Jean-Marc Dedieu FRA -4300
28 Aziz Azougagh FRA -4600
29 Antoine Rossard FRA -8500
30 Simon Picard FRA -25100
31 Yuanxan Bian FRA -26700
32 Fanny Manche FRA -26800
33 Mikaël Rivière FRA -28900
34 Isabelle Chane-Pane FRA -34600
35 Alex Benoit FRA -37800
36 Christian Hamelain FRA -46100
37 Clément Rousseau FRA -55100
38 Jergus Juraj SVK -75200
39 Seiko Hayase FRA -94500
40 Nathalie Larrigaudière FRA -96800
41 David Gibon FRA -109800
42 Jérôme Léger FRA -114700
43 Agnès Noël FRA -121300
44 Olivier Cao FRA -124900
47 Joël Ratsimandresy FRA -222100



VERDEN, Germany 28 June 2015 - The best performing Sven-Hendrik Gutsche from France came in 1st. Second place went to Robert Bodde from the Netherlands. Third place was won by Frauke Roos of Germany, who is therefore also the German champion.

36 participants from 6 countries (Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Russia and Germany) gathered on the last weekend of June in Verden for German Mahjong Open 2015.

Over two days, the champion was determined in 6 rounds. The best start had caught Olav summer; he led on Saturday night at the rankings before Sven-Hendrik Robert Gutsche and Bodde.

Final results of the German Mahjong Open 2015

1 Sven-Hendrik Gutsche France 447 19
2 Robert Bodde Netherland 311 18
3 Frauke Roos Germany 637 17
4 Wei Chen Germany 557 17
5 Olav Sommers Netherland 352 17
6 Michael Zahradnik Germany 398 16
7 Ad van der Linden Netherland 340 16
8 Cornelia Capito Germany 327 14
9 Heiko Domann Germany 411 13
10 Trees Meijer Netherland 297 13
11 Pauline van der Linden Netherland 230 13
12 Rudi Kopmanis Belgium 172 12
13 Robert Müller Germany 171 12
14 Uwe Pekau Germany 56 12
15 Heinz Ludwig Germany 135 11
16 Gerda van Oorschot Netherland -16 11
17 Heidi Ludwig Germany -79 11
18 Nadine König Germany 238 10
19 Aleksandr Babushkin Russia 19 10
20 Wolfgang Franke Germany -56 10
21 Silke Bansemer Germany -262 10
22 Cees van der Brink Netherland -20 9
23 Dagmar Fischer Germany -71 9
24 Timur Hahn Germany -101 9
25 Richard Stöckemann Germany -82 8
26 John Duckworth Great Britain -184 8
27 Elke Pünjer Germany -118 7
28 Kilian Stöckemann Germany -294 7
29 Evelyn Broers Netherland -334 7
30 Erika Gerdes Germany -185 6
31 Bino Nolting Germany -620 6
32 Kai Grote Germany -563 5
33 Monika Jenjahn Germany -439 4
34 Friedrich Gerdes Germany -571 4
35 Ulla Eickschen Germany -604 4
36 Elke Brinkmeier Germany -499 3

From Saturday 26 September 2015 -  10:00am
To Sunday 27 September 2015 - 06:00pm

Location New York, New York


More information when available.

From Saturday 26 September 2015 -  10:00am
To Sunday 27 September 2015 - 06:00pm


All players wishing to participate in the tournament should fill in the registration form on this website.

Registration fee 30 euro (before October, 12) or 35 euro in-time competition.

The registration is open till  September 23, 2015. The maximum number of players allowed is 40 persons (can be increased).

September 26, 2015. Saturday

09:00-10:00 Draw and opening ceremony

10:00-12:00 Session 1

12:00-12:20 Coffee-break (20 min)

12:20-14:20 Session 2

14:20-15:40 Big Lunch Break (1h 20min)

15:40-17:40 Session 3

17:40-18:00 Coffee-break (20 min)

18:00-20:00 Session 4

September 27, 2015. Sunday

10:00-12:00 Session 5

12:00-12:20 Coffee-break (20 min)

12:20-14:20 Session 6

14:20-15:50 Big Lunch Break (1h 30min)

15:50-17:50 Session 7

17:50-18:00 Technical timeout (10min)

18:00-18:30 Rewarding and closing ceremony

Mahjong In The News / 'Hot and Noisy': The Communal Power of Mahjong
« on: June 27, 2015, 10:32:19 am »

Mrs. Kwan casually defeating her younger opponents.VANCOUVER Canada 20 June 2015 - In downtown Vancouver last Saturday, on a warm evening in Vancouver's fast changing Chinatown, construction cranes and new condo towers looming around them, a group of young adults brought mahjong out onto the streets. They crowd-sourced mahjong tables and tiles from family and friends and invited any and all to join in.




OSS, Netherlands 21 June 2015 - Gerda van Oorschot's 145.5 points wins the Natsu no Taikai Riichi Tournament, with Harry Kal in at second with 123.5 and Janco Onnink with 97.8.

Final results of the Natsu no Taikai Riichi Tournament 2015



Gerda van Oorschot



Harry Kal



Janco Onnink



Eveline Broers



Mirjam van Muijen



Anneke Keyl



Marianne Croeze



Jaap Croeze



Dimphy van Grinsven



Joop Krijgsman



Marian Peerdeman



Nicole Haasbroek



Yvonne van der Heide



Robert Bodde



Diana van de Wetering



John Kuijpers



Nino Aringaneng



Martijn Klaar



Ans Hoogland



Annemieke Hesselink



Ton Rijnders



Sonja Meulendijk



Tim Leenders



Martijn Gulmans




PRAGUE, Czech Republic 21 June 2015 - Ilya Monakov wins the 2nd Prague Open Riichi Tournament, a major event of this weekend held in a spacious venue on Strahov Campus on a hill looking down on the city of Prague.

The participants of this MERS2 tournament used the quiet halls of Training Centre of Czech Technical University for playing, along with a nearby cozy restaurant for lunches and socializing in the evenings. Some of the players also used the campus dormitory for accommodation. Despite some last-minute cancellations which resulted in only 44 of the anticipated 48 players, the tournament itself proceeded in a kind and friendly atmosphere.

The representatives from the organizing country didn’t do quite well – they all placed in the rear positions. The reighning European riichi champion Martin Diviš was 3rd on Saturday, but Sunday was merciless to him – as the best Czech he finally landed in 31st place. There was a true migration during both thrilling tournament days – nations getting up and down all the time – and at the end, one Austrian (Martin Meischel) and two Russians (Anna Shpilman and Ilya Monakov) stood on the winner’s podium. This year there was a special consolation prize for the last of non-Czech players – a voucher for free entry to the next tournament in 2016 – which went to Tony Haley on 42nd place. All participants got a green-toned certificate with their position indicated, and the best three have been awarded also with metal sports cups and famous products related to Czech Republic – cans of Pilsner beer, bottles of famous herbal bitter Becherovka and boxes of traditional spa wafers.


Final results of the Prague Open Riichi Tournament 2015

1 Ilya Monakov RUS 270200
2 Anna Shpilman RUS 192400
3 Martin Meischel AUT 168500
4 Ian Fraser GBR 143500
5 Matej Kvitkovič SVK 130000
6 Marián Sekeráš SVK 122300
7 Juraj Jerguš SVK 99200
8 Matthias Trinkl AUT 74000
9 Matej Labaš SVK 70200
10 Bartosz Żuk POL 69200
11 Aleksei Shpilman RUS 68000
12 Ad van der Linden NED 66700
13 Mateusz Wozniak POL 63600
14 Joe-Calberson Hyunh FRA 31300
15 Kirill Osipov FIN 25400
16 Philipp Martin GER 24600
17 Ondrej Bellay SVK 22500
18 Waldemar Laube GER 18300
19 Pauline van der Linden NED 15200
20 Felix Rath GER 12400
21 Auvo Kuusela FIN 9700
22 Lena Weinguny AUT 3900
23 Piotr Powalowski POL 2600
24 Sheila Hansen DEN 2100
25 Daria Ilina RUS -900
26 Sebastian Lavallée DEN -3400
27 Eigo Kawatani DEN -10300
28 Daina Chiba GBR -15600
29 Nick Dyer GBR -21800
30 Alexander Doppelhofer AUT -22800
31 Martin Diviš CZE -23800
32 Tomáš Široň SVK -42800
33 Konsta Lensu FIN -60500
34 Andrey Elshankin RUS -67300
35 Markus Kruse GER -70300
36 Paola Bungaro GBR -88100
37 Daniel Široň SVK -112900
38 John Duckworth GBR -119800
39 Vojtěch Trmal CZE -134000
40 Markus Völker GER -140400
41 Filip Navrátil CZE -161800
42 Tony Haley GBR -182500
43 Carrie Powell CZE -204900
44 Martin Bednář CZE -221900

Mahjong In The News / Developing Touch-Device App
« on: June 21, 2015, 12:52:40 pm »

ShingoTsunodaOSAKA Japan - is by far the most popular online mahjong portal in the world, with nearly three and a half million active registered users, and with so many fans, it's no wonder it would like to branch out into the touchpad device market. Mahjong News catches up with its creator, Mr. Tsunoda Shingo (角田真吾) to find out what is behind this development.

An Interview with the reclusive author of, Mr. Tsunoda Shingo (角田真吾).

With such a huge entity as, and it's millions of players, one might guess that there is a whole team of workers to bring such a powerhouse to bear, with programmers, and artists, renderers, shaders, IT specialists, consultants, bureaucrats and probably even a human resources department passing important memos around to its busy engineers keeping them all slightly on edge. As it turns out, the entire operation is just one man, Mr. Shingo himself, working by himself at his own computer, to bring everything that is to life.


Tsunoda, as a born and raised denizen of Japan, first encountered mahjong in junior high school, playing with his friends, and was enamored with the game right away. As he got older, the idea came to him to build an interface on which he could play any time of the day or night, rather he had three other live friends with him or not, and so he began to develop the interface.

As the idea grew, players wanted to be able to track their personal performance and standing, and so a ranking system was developed. One aspect of the ranking tracks a players progress similar to martial arts, with student level ranks progressing to essentially black belt level, and beyond. That, and a parallel ranking system based on the concept developed by chess masters, where a player's base rank begins at 1500, and increases as he demonstrates skill against more and more worthy opponents.

About seven years ago the interface was ready, and was launched. It was a resounding success, and was quickly adopted by the Japanese riichi mahjong playing community, quickly eclipsing all other platforms, and grew literally by the millions. Even still, despite the Japanese language only interface, Mr. Shingo is even certain that there are players on his interface from all around the world, although he does not formally track the locations of its players.

tenhouURLWhile it's true that the interface is currently only available in English, Mr. Shingo has indicated that an English language setting is doable, and since this revelation, Mahjong News has been working with Tsunoda to translate the interface. While no promises were made, he accepts that the occidental following would certainly multiply should the English language option ever be incorporated. For the time being, the most up-to-date fan-produced walk-through can be found here for players wishing to try out the site. While registering without understanding Japanese may take some assistance, once a player is comfortable with the interface, reading and understanding the Japanese interface really becomes irrelevant, due in no small part to the well-designed intuitive controls for the game.

Aside from a ranking system, also allows players to compete for specific titles in various tournaments, and almost always there are a pair of tournaments advertised on the site as players log into the system.


Surprisingly, those tournaments are not run by, but are hosted by outside agencies instead. Any organization is welcome to host a tournament at, and with over three million players, there is always a line-up of interested parties to run such competitions. Not being responsible for manning and promotaing these events frees Tsunoda to stay focused on the site itself, and not its logistics of tournament management.

touchTenhouAs to what the future may hold for, he is currently working on making it compatible with touch devices, and hopes to launch such an app in the not too distant future. Currently, it is availble for play as a flash-based interface online, as well as a stand-alone executable application in a Windows environment. As his parting works, Mr. Tsunoda Shingo would like to finish with "Standby, because being able to play even on a TouchDevice is coming soon."

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