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Mahjong In The News / Player Quotas for 2016 European Riichi Championship
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:29:45 pm »

The North Hants Golf Club

EUROPE 24 November 2015 - The European Mahjong Association has released its updated quota which countries may use to guage how many players they may send to the 2016 European Riichi Mahjong Championship (ERC), to be hosted in the United Kingdom aiming for the weekend of October 7-9.

Two seats to the championship are predetermined based on the top performing European player in the previous ERC, and the top performing European player in the most recent World Riichi Championship. Eight additional seats are reserved for non-European player participation.

Seed Qualifiers as of 24 November 2015


Top Performing European-

2013 European Riichi Championship

Martin Diviš Champion 1

Top Performing European-

2014 World Riichi Championship

John Duckworth 5th 1
Non-European tbd na 8

Country Quotas as of 24 November 2015
The official quotas will be released three to six months before the event, perhaps on Tuesday, March 01, 2016.

Russia 1 16
Poland 2 8
Denmark 3 6
Austria 4 6
Great Britain 5 7
Germany 6 7
France 7 8
Slovakia 8 4
Netherlands 9 10
Ukraine 10 4
Sweden 11 4
Finland 12 2
Czech Republic 13 1
Portugal 14 1
Italy 15 1
Belarus 16 1
Belgium 17 1
Hungary 18 1
Spain 19 1
Switzerland 20 1


Ladies playing mahjong

FLORIDA 25 Novemebr 2015 - Four elderly ladies were playing a peaceful game of mahjong in their private Escondido Condominium clubhouse in Altamonte Springs, Florida, when a nosy neighbor called in a police raid citing illegal gambling, breaking up the gobsmacked grandmas.

The four ladies, Lee Delnick, Bernice Diamond, Helen Greenspan and Zelda King, ranging in ages from 87 to 95, peacefully were evicted from their table.

The police not only ousted the gaming ladies, apparently they returned to the premisis repeatedly throughout the week to further enforce the shut-down to ensure no mahjong games resumed... until, as it turns out, the ladies were well within their rights all along, and the nosy neighbor perhaps should butt out of their business.

As it turned out, there was no such ordinance barring the practice of playing mahjong for small amounts of money in the first place, that the nosy neighbor was out of bounds, and the police acted too quickly to shutdown the clubhouse.

Florida Gambling Laws Statute 849.085 states: “Certain penny-ante games are not crimes; ‘Penny-ante game’ means a game or series of games of poker, pinochle, bridge, rummy, canasta, hearts, dominoes, or mahjong in which the winnings of any player in a single round, hand, or game do not exceed $10 in value.” The women were playing with a $4 limit, well within the legal parameters.

Reportedly the police had issued an apology to the condominium and players.

Mahjong In The News / First Leg of Itinerant Won by Marco Milandri
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:26:46 pm »


BOLOGNA 22 November 2015 - And it begins. The Tournament Itinerant 2015-16 kicked off with the first race in Bologna, attended by 37 players. This first leg was won by Marco Milandri, followed by Vittorio Bassi and Marco Bazzocchi.

The second race will be held on December 20 in Bologna. This year's tournament will consist of eight races at the end of which will be a classification that will evaluate the best five races of each participant. The eight races will be valid for the ranking of the World Cup 2014-16 honoring the best players taking part in the Itinerant Tournaments from 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Final results of the 1st Tournament 2015

1 Marco Milandri 12,99 255
2 Vittorio Bassi 12 461
3 Marco Bazzocchi 11,99 400
4 Fabrizio Ferri 11,99 367
5 Elena Savini 11,99 249
6 Loretta Pizzi 11 230
7 Rossella Calosci 10,99 153
8 Antonella De Marinis 9 207
9 Ruben Pividori 9 -8
10 Carmelita Garrido 8,99 219
11 Adriano Mantovani 8 186
12 Angela Plebani 8 151
13 Massimiliano Tranchina 8 149
14 Michele Bollino 8 -8
15 Patrizia Buscarini 7,99 142
16 Franca Pece 7,99 103
17 Marco Montebelli 7,99 81
18 Michele Comerci 7,99 -62
19 Benedetta Tesi 7 66
20 Meris Biguzzi 7 61
21 Gianmaria Pavan 7 -68
22 Maurizio Bagnoli 6,99 55
23 Stefania Procopio 6 -12
24 Stefania Gori 6 -21
25 Serena Porrati 6 -53
26 Francesca Battaglini 6 -65
27 Davide Mastrullo 6 -73
28 Loris Feruglio 5,99 -152
29 Claudia Folesani 5 -397
30 Miria Martelli 4 -108
31 Marco Lorenzi 4 -317
32 Roger Perego 4 -340
33 Giacomo Ferruzzi 3 -92
34 Stefano Rijoff 3 -161
35 Alberto Venturi 1 -431
36 Antonietta De Luca 1 -607
37 Nicoletta Baschirotto 0 -560

Cup of the World 2014-2016, Standings Thus Far

1 2 Marco Milandri 55 9
2 1 Marco Montebelli 52 9
3 3 Francesco Martini 38 8
4 7 Vittorio Bassi 36 8
5 4 Maurizio Bagnoli 33 7
6 5 Alessia Cosmo 28 8
7 6 Giuseppe Iacolino 25 7
8 8 Miria Martelli 25 9
9 9 Stefano Rijoff 22 7
10 11 Roger Perego 22 9
11 10 Alberto Rosi 21 8
12 12 Augusto Gherardi 20 7
13 14 Michele Comerci 19 4
14 16 Massimiliano Tranchina 19 7
15 13 Ombretta Tassinari 18 6
16 15 Marco Lorenzi 18 6
17 17 Stefania Gori 18 8
18 18 Giacomo Ferruzzi 18 8
19 22 Adriano Mantovani 17 8
20 19 Matteo Tenderini 16 5
21 20 Daniela Natali 16 7
22 42 Marco Bazzocchi 15 2
23 36 Elena Savini 15 4
24 21 Valentina Valentino 15 6
25 43 Fabrizio Ferri 14 3
26 23 Rosanna Camerani 13 3
27 32 Carmelita Garrido 13 6
28 27 Michele Bollino 13 6
29 28 Benedetta Tesi 13 7
30 29 Franca Pece 13 8
31 26 Francesca Battaglini 12 4
32 33 Patrizia Buscarini 12 7
33 24 Luca Gavelli 11 1
34 25 Andrea Verpelli 11 2
35 44 Loretta Pizzi 11 4
36 30 Anna Tomisani 10 2
37 31 Rosita Bonaldo 10 3
38 34 Stefania Procopio 10 5
39 45 Rossella Calosci 9 3
40 35 Alberto Venturi 9 7
41 39 Angela Plebani 8 4
42 37 Stefano Scaramuzza 7 5
43 38 Danilo Serio 7 5
44 40 Paolo Moznich 6 4
45 41 Piero Taroni 6 4
46 - Antonella De Marinis 5 1
47 - Ruben Pividori 4 1
48 51 Meris Biguzzi 4 3
49 47 Claudia Folesani 4 4
50 46 Laura Enfi 3 2
51 50 Nicoletta Baschirotto 3 3
52 54 Loris Feruglio 3 3
53 48 Pierluigi Fontanesi 2 1
54 49 Teresa Posani 2 1
55 52 Antonietta De Luca 2 2
56 53 Elisa Feruglio 2 2
57 61 Davide Mastrullo 2 2
58 64 Gianmaria Pavan 2 2
59 55 Michele Zanin 2 2
60 56 Luca Boncristiano 1 1
61 57 Maurizio Ciol 1 1
62 58 Francesco Facchino 1 1
63 59 Lucia Guidicini 1 1
64 60 Laura Mamone 1 1
65 62 Gabriele Melzi 1 1
66 63 Oscar Palmisano 1 1
67 65 Gianfranco Piancastelli 1 1
69 - Serena Porrati 1 1
70 66 Erika Sdraulig 1 1
71 67 Irene Zanin 1 1

Mahjong In The News / Zhou Yong 2015 World MCR Mahjong Champion
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:25:15 pm »


JEJU, South Korea 13 November 2015 - Zhou Yong is crowned the 2015 World MCR Mahjong Champion, followed by runner-up Jiao Linghua in 2nd, and Joel Ratsimandresy in 3rd.

The third day of the WMC did not start at a mahjong table but at a breakfast table with the chairman of the WMO. This because the WMO had to overcome some challenges with organizing this WMC. A story about slotmachines, epidemics and weddings.

So the WMO had chosen Korea for WMC 2015. Well not really Korea but Jeju-do. The last few years the island has become very famous as an Chinese vacation destination. This reason to choose Jeju-do proved to be also the first obstacle. The island is not only wanted by Chinese guests but also famous among Korean honeymooners. To find a hotel to accommodate such a large group in the weekend was therefore not easy. All the hotels were booked for weddings. The solution was an two day tournament with a cultural and closing ceremony on the third day.

The second problem was the MERS outbreak at the beginning of this year. The uncertainty forced the hotels in tourist places (like Jeju-do) to withhold bookings so the date and place was unsure until the very end.

The third problem was legally. The WMO had shipped a dozen specially designed electronic mahjong tables from China to Korea. Korea is very strict in their anti-gambling laws so they stopped the shipping because they thought it was slotmachines. The jeju officials didn't know what to do with all these slotmachines so they asked the mainland and in the end the WMO had to arrange a special permission from Seoul to use these strange machines.

As you can imagine the WMC had a slow start but while the organization explained it with apologies, the players hadn't noticed anything. The Chinese (WMO) and Koreans (host) were very polite and kind. They helped in every way and even mediate in a quarrel with an European player. Their manners made them a very good host. Fair play and together enjoying the game was really their main goal. With that in mind I can say I had a successful WMC. Thank you WMO and I hope we can repeat this message in the next WMC somewhere in Europe.


Day 2 Report 12 November 2015 - Top three after day 2 in the individual results are Zhou Yong in 1st, Jiao Linghua in 2nd, and Joel Ratsimandresy in 3rd.

Team Results Day 2


Individual Results Day 2



Notes from Martha for Day 2

Day one has finished and actually while I'm writing this we're already in day two. Why didn't you send a report yesterday, you might ask? Well, day one was intense.

We started at 8:30 in the morning and finished around 18:45. Before you think that it's just a normal mahjong day, keep in mind that in my timezone I would be fast asleep during the first three sessions. The jet lag really kicked in during the last sessions. Counting proved to be a challenge with Chinese players who only counted in Chinese. At first I was too timid to claim my time and an explanation. But an Austrian fellow player demonstrated that you just should. So I did the same.

When day one was finished, all I wanted was a hot shower and a nice bed. But the welcome ceremony started......with food. Of course I can't refuse a good Korean buffet. And while I thought this would be a short dinner for me, I discovered three hours later it was a trap. A Dutch expression wraps it up nicely: you could feed an orphanage with the buffet. The mahjong association arranged traditional Korean dancers and LOTS of bottles of Soju, a typical Korean delicates. When I dragged myself in a taxi I was very satisfied with the day, besides of my scoring (8p).

(.......somehow this feeling of satisfaction changed the next morning in regret......;))

Groet, Martha Pasterkamp

Day 1 Report 11 November 2015 - Early team results with "False Kong" team in 1st place, followed by three teams from China in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Early individual results have Zhou Yong in the lead going into day 2.

Team Results Day1


Individual Results Day 1


Preparations Report 10 November 2015 "Breaking news! It's not a hoax! There's really a world championship MCR going on in Korea." says Martha Pasterkamp of the Netherlands.


"I must admit my fears were building up to that moment I entered the venue of the WMO. And there it was: the registration table, a warm welcome, a wall of electronic mahjong tables and even some familiar faces."

"I was not sure if I was still asleep from the jet lag with a sweet mahjong dream. The tables were ....heavenly. They not only had the custom designed mahjong set for this WMO but also a build-in electronic point registration. It was no problem to find three other lost sheep to try this new machine with "fresh" new tiles.... suddenly the day had past. This rogue mahjong day was a good sign for the upcoming "official" mahjong days."


Luc Humbert notes the initial cultural exchange was dedicated to learn how to use the automatic tables, and how to use the automatic scoring system.


Arrival Report 09 Novemeber 2015

It was only two months ago that the news of the world championships MCR reached the Dutch Mahjong Association. And guess what: I'm in South Korea!!!

Immediatly I contacted the Dutch Mahjong Association and the Korean organizing party. Both parties kept me waiting. And waiting. I was beginning to think it was a hoax. The combination of Korea and MCR is too good to be true. The website of the WMO was badly made and there wasn't much information released. I reset my hopes and tempered the excitement. But then there was that first e-mail and the first registration information was released. The excitement was building up again.

Maybe this is a good time to introduce myself. This excitement is not only for the game but also for Korea, for I have Korean roots. I started playing mahjong only a few years ago. Therefore I missed the WMO in the Netherlands (the other half of my roots). As you can understand, I could not miss this one.


This extra motivation proved to be needed. The information from the organizing party was still poorly provided and the travel costs (from the Netherlands to Seoul with a domestic flight to Jeju-do) were quite high for a few days of mahjong. Luckily I found a good offer with British airway.

As you can sum up, I'm probably not the best mahjong player the Netherlands has to offer but I am the only Dutch mahjong player with the extra motivation to go, and with a lucky find in travel expenses.

So here I am: in an airplane to Jeju-do with a small fear that it's still a hoax, but with a great back-up plan to discover the Asian version of Hawaii.

-Martha Pasterkamp

Look for more updates from Martha and Luc Humbert, the roving eyes and ears for Mahjong News, as the events on Jeju unfold during the fourth MCR World Championship.

Link to the introductory article by Mahjong News from 20 July 2015.

Mahjong In The News / Dutch Riichi Open Goes to Tom Mustonen
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:23:11 pm »


AMSTELVEEN, Netherlands 08 November 2015 - Tom Mustonen from Finland wins the trophy in the 2015 Dutch Riichi Open, followed by runner-up Patric Steinke from Germany, Martijn Gulmans from the Netherlands in third, and fourth Jens Smikalla from Germany.


64 players competed in the two days’ event, organized by the Red Fives Mahjong Club of Ans Hoogland and Cor Hoogland.

The players came from six countries. Besides the Netherlands, they came from Germany, Great-Britain, Slovakia, Finland and Japan.

The MERS 2 competition was held in Amstelveen for the first time, which is very handy for foreign players since it is quite close to Amsterdam and the national airport of Schiphol. The new location proved to be a succes, given the number of excellent players who came from all over Europe; only the Danish and the French players were conspicious by their absence. The Dutch Mahjong Association hopes that next year they will be there as well: “This is a very strong tournament, where all the top players are welcome.’’

Cor Hoogland offers additional commentary:

Amstelveen is a small village near Schiphol Airport so it was easy for the players who came by plane.

Tournament overview:

5 players from the U.K.

5 players from Slovakia

3 players from Finland

1 player from Japan (allthough he is lives in Ireland)

6 players from Germany

45 players from the lowlands.

We played at the Japanese Go-centre, a place where Japanese people learn Calligraphy and play Go as well as Shogi, Bridge and Chess. For the Japanese children there are homework-classes.


The first day started with a bad phone-call. Two people couldn’t come because one of them fell down the stairs and was taken to hospital with severe injuries. So I had to play, wasn’ intent to because I was eager to make photos.

On both day there were quite a few big hands even a 13 Orphans.

We think that the players had a wonderful time.

Final results of the Tournament 2015

PlaceFirst NLast N.Nat.Pts.
1 Tom Mustonen FIN 262200
2 Patric Steinke GER 210700
3 Martijn Gulmans NED 194900
4 Jens Smikalla GER 176300
5 Dicky Rep NED 149800
6 Janco Onnink NED 143600
7 Tomas Siron SVK 135800
8 Ad van der Linden NED 121600
9 Eveline Broers NED 120200
10 Yvonne van der Heide NED 105500
11 Angelique Delfsma NED 100300
12 Peter Langford GBR 99000
13 Matej Labaš SVK 94800
14 Sjef Strik NED 90100
15 Konsta Lensu FIN 80100
16 Cees Brink NED 78700
17 Nicole Haasbroek NED 72000
18 Masahiko Takahshi JAP 71000
19 Harry Kal NED 69500
20 Martin Rep NED 69300
21 Dimphy van Grinsven NED 67500
22 Ilka Stummeyer GER 63300
23 Mirjam Muijen NED 61300
24 Martijn Klaar NED 60300
25 Ans Hoogland NED 57500
26 Timur Hahn GER 51100
27 Juraj Jerguš SVK 47600
28 Tim Leenders NED 46600
29 Kirill Osipov FIN 45600
30 Ingrid Broeder NED 38900
31 Ian Fraser GBR 35600
32 Hanneke Morel NED 27100
33 Michael Zahradnik GER 26300
34 Bert Claessen NED 22700
35 Sohana Ma-Prem NED 2200
36 Sebastian Wagner GER -7500
37 Dennis Bruggink NED -7700
38 Foppe Bakker NED -8500
39 Philip Bielby GBR -10300
40 Gerda van Oorschot NED -11000
41 Martin Lester GBR -29400
42 Ton Rijnders NED -35200
43 substitute player NED -36200
44 Nino Aringaneng NED -44600
45 Anneke Keyl NED -48500
46 Tony Haley GBR -52700
47 Janine Scholtemeijer NED -55600
48 Pauline van der Linden NED -58200
49 Cor Hoogland NED -70700
50 Els Kuijpers NED -101600
51 Ondrej Bellay SVK -109500
52 Désirée Heemskerk NED -111100
53 Martha Pasterkamp NED -115500
54 Marian Peerdeman NED -130700
55 Robert Bodde NED -152100
56 John Kuijpers NED -158600
57 Leni Janssen NED -165100
58 Yvonne Heemskerk NED -176900
59 Anja van den Berk NED -197300
60 Gert van der Vegt NED -201900
61 Trees Meijer NED -213500
62 Vincent Steijvers NED -229100
63 Daniel Siron SVK -261300
64 Dennis Boekstaaf NED -298700




SANYA 05 November 2015 - The big test in Sanya City was the Mahjong International League's demonstration of mahjong as a mind sport, not just for MCR style, but any style, to include Japanese riichi, Sichuan "Battle to the Bloody End" and others, and the word is, mahjong has demonstrated itself worthy of designation as a mind sport.

Q: What does a mind sport mean?

A: An activity can be considered a mind sport if the event measures its competitors based on their skill, and is not a game of chance. Applying the duplicate method to mahjong, the factors of luck are eliminated, and the player's skill is compared to rank the players.

During the World Mind Sport Games, the duplicate method was showcased for MCR, the results of which were earlier publicized. But aside from MCR, the games also included a carnival of other events to include Japanese riichi mahjong, Sichuan Battle to the Bloody End, online events, Pairs, another MCR Team event, among other stlyes.


While no official word has been released by the International Mind Sports Association, the Sanya games were attended by the IMSA President Emeritus José Damiani, who seemed impressed with the events and the duplicate mahjong style, and the vibe received from the honored guest was positive, encouraging the MIL in its quest to see mahjong join the ranks of other official mind sport games like chess, bridge, go, and draughts. Inclusion of mahjong has an even greater importance at this point in time as the mind sport division is making strong positive headway toward official inclusion as an Olympic event. Having mahjong included in this category would achieve a goal sought by many enthusiasts for decades to see mahjong in the Olympics.

Final results of the Mind Sport Carnival Events

Carnival Riichi Carnival MCRonline Carnival Talent Carnival Sichuan Carnival Survival Carnival Quick Carnival Pairs Carnival TeamMCR Carnival MsEvent

Mahjong In The News / Yusē Narrowly Takes IORMC
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:19:33 pm »


ONLINE 08 November 2015 - Japanese player Yusē wins the 2015 International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition, held on

2015 IORMC(International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition) was ended. 32 players were attended from 8 countries.

Japanese player Yusē wins with his personal point. Lee Jun-Hee chased him. But he didn't catch Yusē at last session. Lee Jun-Hee who is Korean player takes 2nd place.

After 3rd session, team winner was Japan. South Korea was 2nd place. But point difference was only 2. In the last session, Korean players got good points to win. As a result, team winner is South Korea.

KML is waiting for new countries to attend next year's competition. If you have any interest about this competition, please contact to us. Our email address is

Final results of the Tournament 2015

PlaceNameNtlOnline1st Hanchan2nd Hanchan3rd Hanchan4th HanchanTotal
1 Yusē Japan 黒猫@ぺろぺろ☆ 59 49 54 18 180
2 Lee Jun-Hee South Korea harookie 68 48 -14 58 160
3 Wei Wei China 及川冰麗 4 -18 67 51 104
4 Koichi Kihara Japan 【罪歌】 50 43 51 -48 96
5 Boming Chi China 混一色三暗刻 15 41 -13 45 88
6 Xingxing Xing China 爆米花 54 -45 59 4 72
7 Cho Sung-Won South Korea Reality 40 55 3 -28 70
8 Lyndon Moffat UK 貝木 11 -13 7 55 60
9 Edwin Dizon US 葵・トーリ 21 -35 60 13 59
10 Lui Chung Yin Hong Kong 湊斗かげあき 48 45 -26 -22 45
11 Daniel Moreno US Dasuke -31 53 51 -33 40
12 KaLeong Ng Hong Kong KLN. -26 20 44 -16 22
13 Choi Woo-Jin South Korea cutieboy 41 -28 -44 46 15
14 Max Bowsher UK MaxB -18 15 52 -42 7
15 Fritiof 'fso' Olsson Sweden men -26 -25 11 44 4
16 Philip Chan Hong Kong 八九寺まよい 22 45 -41 -24 2
17 David Clarke UK 科学者@川村軍団 51 -18 -41 5 -3
18 Cho Yoon-Jeong South Korea ninaka 19 -14 25 -36 -6
19 Nikita Tkachenko Russia ;_; -42 7 -26 46 -15
20 Hisakazu Matsuki UK 断幺のみ -50 10 5 7 -28
21 Jasper 'yazphier' Germeys Sweden 原外桃 8 -14 -38 10 -34
22 Stefan 'hiki' Persson Sweden d(0.0;)b -19 -49 -17 50 -35
23 shoot39 Japan 一蓮峻潤 -38 -45 16 15 -52
24 ASAPIN Japan ASAPIN -49 5 6 -15 -53
25 Bee Lee Hong Kong 李穎藍 -27 11 -23 -19 -58
26 George L-K US xGeo -13 8 -26 -38 -69
27 kabuto China 夜ト -19 -38 9 -24 -72
28 Karl-Edward 'Mikoto' Ekebland Sweden Lindskog 9 -17 -39 -35 -82
29 Dmitriy Sirotkin Russia Tsubaki -11 -39 -72 6 -116
30 Filipp Trotsenko Russia 目明し -53 15 -44 -37 -119
31 Vladimir Bogdanov Russia anti401 -62 -26 -22 -19 -129
32 Allon Scheyer US drballon -36 -46 -34 -37 -153

Final results of the Nation Results 2015

1 South Korea 239
2 China 192
3 Japan 171
4 UK 36
5 Hong Kong 11
6 US -123
7 Sweden -147
8 Russia -379

Mahjong In The News / World Series of Mahjong Announces Qualifying Details
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:18:15 pm »


HONG KONG, Nov 3, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - World Mahjong Limited today announced further details of the qualifying land and online games for the World Series of Mahjong 2015 (WSOM). It was also announced that the fourth WSOM Championship will be held at The Milan Ballroom at the The Venetian Macao from December 5-6, 2015. Tickets to the main event are now available, as it continues to be the world's largest mahjong tournament in terms of player participation and prize money.

With an exciting line-up of international locations, WSOM also announced its hosts for the Canadian and Philippines qualifying games. City of Dreams Casino at the heart of Manila's Entertainment City will host the Philippines qualifier. While, River Rock Casino Resort in Metro Vancouver Canada, a 4 time winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards including 2014, and also named in 2014 by Forbes as "One of Eight Casino's Worth Missing Vegas For" will be the Canadian host. Players will compete for a limited number of spots at the main event, the World Championship.

"River Rock is proud to participate in this prestigious global tournament, and is excited to let the world know and see that Metro Vancouver, and particularly River Rock Casino Resort, is a world class entertainment destination," says Alasdair Douglas, Vice President Marketing & Sales - River Rock Casino Resort, Great Canadian Casinos.

The WSOM features the best mahjong players from around the world, all competing for cash prizes in an exhilarating tournament held in Asia's entertainment capital. The World Series of Mahjong Rules also returns as the world's only standardized version of mahjong rules validated with an international track record of previous tournament use. The rules create a level playing field for all mahjong players, regardless of origin, and are optimized for tournament play, bold strategies and fast-paced action.

Now in its fourth year, WSOM has a potential prize pool of US$575,000 and sees the return of the three previous champions - 2007 champion Mr. Hui Chung Lai, 2008 champion Mr. Ho Kwok Hung and 2010 champion Mr. Chan Tak Kwan. All three former winners qualify automatically for this year's World Championship.

The qualifying land games, which will take place in a number of countries and territories, all culminate in the 2015 champion being crowned at the two-day World Championship in December. The qualifiers will take place in a number of prestigious venues including River Rock Casino Resort:

- Hong Kong: October 31
- Canada: November 1
- China (Guangzhou): November 6-8
- Japan: November 7 & 10
- Australia: November 9
- Philippines: November 21

Online qualifying games -

This year, along with the traditional land-based qualifying tournaments players can also both practice and qualify online. World Mahjong Limited has partnered with leading online operator, PerfectPairs Gaming/GigaFunTown, to provide free practice games through the World Series of Mahjong Rules-based online game. The online qualifier tournament has already started. "Regardless of how you plan to qualify, the online game is a great way to get familiar with the standardized rules and ensure players are aware of all the strategies. I highly recommend player practicing online before entering the qualifier," said Mr. Chan Tak Kwan, champion of WSOM 2010.

"Today marks an important step in our bid to organize the highest-quality mahjong tournament in the world," said Mr. Jim Mehren, President of World Mahjong Limited. "Over the last three World Series events, we have seen extraordinary mahjong players emerge, with amazing levels of skill and a keen sense of competition. We're grateful for the support of all of our sponsors and partners, and we believe these associations validate the class and grandeur of this World Championship event."

For further information and to purchase tickets to the Championship visit

The tournament is open to any player ages 21 and older. For more information on the World Series of Mahjong 2015, please visit:


The World Series of Mahjong is the first, true world championship mahjong tournament that offers a significant prize purse. The tournament is open to any participant of legal age, and is promoted throughout the world. The event is owned and operated by World Mahjong Ltd.


The World Series of Mahjong is owned and managed by World Mahjong Limited. World Mahjong Limited was founded by a team of international media and entertainment professionals who are based in the Greater China region and well-versed in the management of high-profile international sporting and entertainment events.

About River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock Casino Resort (RRCR) is owned and operated by Great Canadian Gaming Corporation. RRCR is located on waterfront Richmond, BC, a municipality of Metro Vancouver, and includes a Four Diamond 395 room, two-tower hotel (one hotel rooms, one suites), a 1000 seat best-in-class theatre, 7 dining options including fine dining, upscale Chinese seafood, a gourmet buffet, 2 live entertainment dining lounges, food court including noodle bar, a grab and go coffee specialty house, RRCR also features a deluxe spa & pool, a conference centre and a marina. With the largest number of games in BC, RRCR has over 1100 slots and 115 table games including 75 baccarat tables and one of the leading High Limit Salons in North America. RRCR adjoins a Canada Line public transit station and is about 5 minutes from one of the leading Designer Outlet Malls in the Pacific Northwest America - McArthur Glenn - and the International YVR Airport, and only 20 minutes to the heart of downtown Vancouver. Further information is available at

About Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation owns and operates gaming, entertainment and hospitality facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Washington State. The Company's 17 gaming properties consist of; ten casinos, including two Four Diamond resort hotels, four racetracks (two with casinos operated by the Company and two with casinos operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation), three community gaming centres. Further information is available on the Company's website,

Mahjong In The News / Saying Goodbye to Edoardo Prosperini
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:16:44 pm »

Edoardo Prosperini

BOLOGNA 01 November 2015 - Edward Flournoy, for all of us only Edo, the president of the Red Dragon of Milan, has left us. He had faced his disease with his style, concrete in judgment, and somehow even lighthearted, wondering until the last when to play mah jong, his great passion.

In the last year, even after treatment, he was still at the club- trying to hold together the people to be able to continue playing the classic method, which he defended at all costs. Edo was a great organizer, a gift that had developed in his business (and which had led to high summits and with great satisfaction) and poured in all his other interests. He had practiced for years gliding, to become president of a major club, and to join his other pleasure and people of mah jong, organized for some years the tournament at the venue delll'aereovolo. But he had also organized a race at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and I'm sure that would successfully collected the invitation that had been done by FIMJ to find a formula to revive the Italian method.

I met Edo almost twenty years ago and besides playing with and against him I was able to have long conversations on many different topics, finding him increasingly informed and competent. Despite having a character sometimes so strong as to seem edgy, it was with great generosity, which was able to express in many ways, the world of his factory and in general to the friends of mah jong. If it was a club assembly to present the budgetary situation, he wanted to offer dinner to all participants and so many other things. In addition to the races in various circles, he organized a weekly game at his house and here guests exquisite showed what was in the game the best, trying to get from each hand maximum possible double.

Edoardo Prosperini

I want to remember when the last Italian championship, as president and captain of the Red Dragon, he clung to Angela, Antaeus, Oscar and I to raise the cup just won, showing a joy that for someone like him, used to have on their work well other satisfactions, seemed almost childlike. But anyhow this was the man Edo, the player, the President, the friend and counselor of all. To Monica, that before you have the joy of two beautiful twins, shared constantly with Dad Edo pleasure of mah jong, we send our warmest embrace and promise that we will not forget.

Ciao Edo.


Among his results we want to remember the third place in 2004 along with the first place in the method at least 3, the second with the club Red Dragon in 2012, and the third place in the method without flowers in 2013. FIMJ - Italian Federation Mah Jong

Mahjong In The News / Elena Savini New Italian Champion
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MILAN 08 November 2015 - Elena Savini wins the Milano tournament, securing her spot as Italian Champion. Runner up for champion is Obretta Tassinari, followed by Martini Francesco.


Final results of the Milan Tournament 2015

1 Elena Savini 21 671 ITA
2 Fabrizio Ferri 20 838 ITA
3 Bo Lang 19 572 SUI
4 Ombretta Tassinari 18 923 ITA
5 Marjan Van Den Nieuwendijk 18 560 NED
6 Heiko Domann 18 372 GER
7 Manuel Santos 17.5 616 FRA
8 Cédric Aguerre 17 484 FRA
9 Massimiliano Tranchina 16 555 ITA
10 Rossella Calosci 16 464 ITA
11 Luca Gavelli 15 692 ITA
12 Hubert Vignaud 15 594 FRA
13 Kevin Toussaint 15 538 FRA
14 Aleksei Shpilman 15 533 RUS
15 Marco Bazzocchi 15 448 ITA
16 Marco Montebelli 15 401 ITA
17 Rosita Bonaldo 15 381 ITA
18 Carmelita Garrido 15 363 ITA
19 Gérard Hêche 15 345 SUI
20 Serena Porrati 15 115 ITA
21 Laura Enfi 14 341 ITA
22 Matthieu Pfeiffer 14 191 FRA
23 Maurizio Ciol 14 171 ITA
24 Agnès Rak 14 149 FRA
25 Patrizia Buscarini 14 17 ITA
26 Anna Tomisani 13.5 165 ITA
27 Anthony Ea 13 328 FRA
28 Sandra Bondoin 13 322 FRA
29 Frédéric Chassot 13 266 SUI
30 Francesco Martini 13 253 ITA
31 Danilo Serio 13 210 ITA
32 Giuseppe Iacolino 13 169 ITA
33 Anna Shpilman 13 124 RUS
34 Joel Ratsimandresy 13 102 FRA
35 Alberto Rosi 12.5 371 ITA
36 Raúl Ríos Navarro 12 145 ESP
37 Nathalie Larrigaudiere 12 75 FRA
38 Ji Li Pfeiffer 12 -2 FRA
39 Monika Jenjahn 11.5 -115 GER
40 Gianfranco Piancastelli 11 170 ITA
41 Mei Hwa Felder 11 130 SUI
42 Christiane D'Angelo 11 124 FRA
43 Andrea Verpelli 11 35 ITA
44 Samuel Túnez Heredia 11 31 ESP
45 Maurizio Bagnoli 11 -108 ITA
46 Antonella De Marinis 11 -132 ITA
47 Franca Pece 11 -271 ITA
48 Giusi Argentiero 10 67 ITA
49 Loretta Pizzi 10 39 ITA
50 Lorenzo La Marca 10 34 ITA
51 Marco Milandri 10 32 ITA
52 Aleksandr Babushkin 10 16 RUS
53 Matteo Tenderini 10 -63 ITA
54 Alessia Cosmo 10 -100 ITA
55 Annie Manzo 10 -115 FRA
56 Giacomo Ferruzzi 10 -117 ITA
57 Josianne Delbos 10 -168 FRA
58 Tanja Mayr Delacrétaz 10 -386 SUI
59 Roger Perego 9.5 -87 ITA
60 Anton Kösters 9 180 NED
61 Daniel Aubrun 9 83 FRA
62 Michele Comerci 9 54 ITA
63 Bruno Manzo 9 51 FRA
64 Sven-Hendrik Gutsche 9 46 FRA
65 Stefania Procopio 9 -13 ITA
66 Stefania Gori 9 -35 ITA
67 Marco Foschi 9 -73 ITA
68 Katia Túnez Heredia 9 -97 ESP
69 Stefano Rijoff 9 -116 ITA
70 Valentina Valentino 9 -160 ITA
71 Oscar Van Den Nieuwendijk 9 -180 NED
72 Carmen Savino 9 -199 ITA
73 Andrea Renda 9 -386 ITA
74 Luc Humbert 8 182 SUI
75 Francesca Battaglini 8 -39 ITA
76 Nathalie Jacquart 8 -118 SUI
77 Thérèse Roblin 8 -175 FRA
78 Vittorio Bassi 8 -220 ITA
79 Angela Plebani 8 -238 ITA
80 Daniela Natali 8 -546 ITA
81 Lionel Legaie 7 -63 FRA
82 Chris Scheffler 7 -119 NED
83 Demetrio Marino 7 -186 ITA
84 Michele Bollino 7 -220 ITA
85 Heinz Ludwig 7 -272 GER
86 Miria Martelli 7 -489 ITA
87 Tatyana Nester 6.5 -266 RUS
88 Elisa Feruglio 6 -252 ITA
89 Adriano Mantovani 6 -341 ITA
90 Elke Pünjer 6 -372 GER
91 Luca Boncristiano 6 -389 ITA
92 Laura Mamone 6 -398 ITA
93 Michèle Aubrun 6 -410 FRA
94 Ruben Pividori 6 -486 ITA
95 Claudia Folesani 6 -642 ITA
96 Sylvie Valognes 5 -304 FRA
97 Edgar Rubio Rodilla 5 -510 ESP
98 Sébastien Delacrétaz 5 -699 SUI
99 Cyrille Rak 4 -480 FRA
100 Heidi Ludwig 3 -817 GER
101 Nicoletta Baschirotto 2 -594 ITA
102 Substitute Player 2 -815 SUI
103 Gianluca Bertolotti 1 -776 ITA
104 Substitute 2 Player 2 1 -825 ITA

Final results of the Italian Championship 2015

1 Elena Savini 40 1596
2 Ombretta Tassinari 37 1344
3 Francesco Martini 35 1519
4 Luca Gavelli 34 1197
5 Massimiliano Tranchina 34 813
6 Fabrizio Ferri 33 892
7 Angela Plebani 32 602
8 Marco Bazzocchi 31 1097
9 Rossella Calosci 31 819
10 Carmelita Garrido 29 689
11 Giacomo Ferruzzi 29 673
12 Patrizia Buscarini 28 452
13 Alberto Rosi 27.5 511
14 Giuseppe Iacolino 27 627
15 Marco
Mahjong In The News / Julien Fouques Roars to 1st in Only Riichi Tournament
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LYON France 24 October 2015 - Julien Fouques roars to first place in the Only Riichi Tournament with 150.2 points, followed by Manuel Santos with 103.2, and Olivier Aubrun takes 3rd with 82.8.


Final results of the Only Riichi Tournament 2015

1 Julien FOUQUES 150200
2 Manuel SANTOS 103200
3 Olivier AUBRUN 82800
4 Alexis AZOULAI 80000
5 Frédéric GRUEL 59200
6 Mamy RAMINOSOA 46400
7 Xavier LANCEL 42700
8 Aziz AZOUGAGH 39000
9 Jessica HENRY 38300
10 Sandra BERTHOMMIER 34400
11 Simon PICARD 29100
12 Pierre HUTIN 20700
13 Antoine ROSSARD 400
14 Frédéric PETIT -4900
15 Jérémie PIERARD DE MAUJOUY -12800
16 Olivier CAO -16100
17 Karine MOURIER -47800
18 Augustin DUPRE LA TOUR -54700
19 Vadim HORWAT -58400
20 Floréal TOUMIKIAN -77700
21 Jean-Marc DEDIEU -78000
22 Nicolas CAMPINA -80000
23 Agnès NOEL -139300
24 Seiko HAYASE -148300



EDEWECHT 25 October 2015 - On the weekend of 24 and 25 October 2015 there were double tournaments in Edewecht; on Saturday, a Riichi tournament (MERS 1), and on Sunday an MCR tournament (MERS 1). Pauline van der Linden clinched first place of the MCR with 14 table points, and Julian Pape-Lange reached 1st in the riichi competition with 199.4k points.

Final results of the MCR Tournament 2015


Final results of the Riichi Tournament 2015




"Hey! where's my sortable tables?" you may be asking yourself. Some results are submitted to Mahjong News by the sponsoring organization in graphic format, and therefore display as an image which is not manipulatable into an interactive table.

"Hey! Where's my Tweet?" you may also be asking. Twitter is not accessible from China, where Mahjong News is currently located to provide coverage for the WMSG games. Mahjong News tweets will be back in chirping action after the conclusion of the WMSG games.

Mahjong In The News / World Mahjong Sport Games Team Finals: China #1
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SANYA, China 29 October 2015 - The final conclusion of the 2015 World Mahjong Sport Games in Sanya City, China, closed with the announcement of the team competition results, and China's B-team takes 1st place in these historic games. Second place was Hong Kong/Macao, followed by China's A-team, and Switzerland in 4th.

The duplicate games were a historic first in that the competitors competed against each other under identical conditions, allowing players to be ranked entirely by skill, eliminating factors of luck. For example, every player in the East round 1st hand sitting in the North position would be given the exact same starting hand, and the exact same wall of tiles from which to draw. In this way, players are directly compared and stratified by skill.

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2015 WMSG Team Final Results:

1st: China Team B
2nd: HK/Macao
3rd: China Team A
4th: Switzerland

2015 WMSG Team Preliminary Results:


Pictures courtesy oif the Mahjong International League photographer. More pictures of the events may be viewed as linked here:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Mahjong News (that would be me, Scott Miller) had a grueling twenty-seven hour trip home following the closing ceremony. The final results are posted, but you can expect more news from this historic event, including more details on how the duplicate format was successfully achieved, coming soon.

DAY Three's Report:

SANYA, China 26 October 2015 - Bo Tang of China wins the individual players finale with 34 points, followed tighty by Jian Zhao (China) with 33 and Liang Li (China) with 27 in third.


World Mahjong Sport Games Individuals Competition Finals Top 16


DAY Two's Report:


SANYA, China 25 October 2015 - Day two is in the history books for the inaugural World Mahjong Sport Games competition. The prelimary round of competition for the individual event is over, and the top sixty-four progress on to the semi-finals on the 26th. The eliminated players are invited to participate in the carnival events, to include a sudden-death elimination game.

Results of day 2 individual MCR competition preliminaries:


DAY One's Report:

The games are hosted by the Mahjong International League, whose goal it is to promote mahjong as a mind sport on par with the Olympic spirit of international competition. As the days progress, the countries will be competing as teams in the duplicate mahjong format; a format that establishes identical walls at each table so that the factors of luck are minimized, and the players' skill will be directly tested and measured.


Day one of the gathering started the individual competitions, playing from 0900 to 1930 hrs a total of five sessions as part of the preliminary event (results pending). Tomorrow, the players will gather again for five more sessions, before moving on to the third day which culminates with the final tables. Day three will see the start of the team competitions.

Results of day 1 individual MCR competition:Day1

Mahjong In The News / In China for the World Mahjong Sport Games
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BEIJING 20 October 2015 - Mahjong News is in China, the birthplace of mahjong, enroute to Sanya City for the World Mahjong Sport Games. Blessed with a prolonged layover in Beijing, I had the opportunity to get out and explore the culture, curiosities, and cuisine of this capital city.

While still in transit to Sanya City, not much yet has happened specifically mahjong related, except for the personal preparations I've made getting ready for the tournaments. That, and the miniature mahjong set I found in one of the curio shops surrounding the Temple of Heaven.

First stop on my whirlwind tour of the hustle and bustle that is Beijing was the Temple of Heaven. It is here in this sprawling complex built in the 1400s that the Emporers of China would come once a year to pray for good harvest. The complex starts at the southern gate, where the Emporer and his entourage would change clothes into ceremonial vestments before passing through the Vault of Heaven to cross the Vermilion Steps Bridge, finally arriving at the Hall of Prayer. Here the Emporer would petition the heavens for a good harvest.

Hall of Prayer.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests has four inner, twelve middle, and twelve outer pillars, representing the four seasons, twelve months and twelve traditional Chinese hours respectively. The twelve also represents the twelve cardinal constellations of the Chinese solar system.

Inside the Hall of Prayer.

Aside from visiting the temple complex, I also had the opportunity to stroll through many of the side-streets and shops to experience the sights and sounds of the hustle and bustle that is Beijing.

Beijing shopping.This includes the scorpions on a stick, for which Beijing is known. One would think that such a delicacy is just a novelty, but it would seem they are quite popular. There wasn't just one odd-side-out vendor offering the still-live and wriggling scorpion delicacy for sale, there was vendor after vendor, each with such marvels for sale in bulk quantities. We passed many locals feasting on the writhing snacks as they strolled the many shops and venues of Beijing, which gave evidence to how popular this delicacy is. My children weren't too interested in tasting any, but maybe they will be more adventurous for such local cuisine when they are older.

Scorpions on a stick.

Surprisingly, we were as much an interest to the locals as the locals were to us. We were stopped repeatedly throughout our day by strangers asking if they could take a picture with us. Sometimes they wanted all of us in the picture, and sometimes they just wanted our children in the picture. There was even a celebrity filming at the Temple of Heaven, with a giant entourage of camera crews and producers, who even took a break from filming to call me over, and ask if I would pose in a picture with him. To me, it was curious as to why people would want complete strangers in their photos, but I can only surmise blond-haired blue-eyed people aren't so common on the streets of Beijing. All the same, it was fun how interested people were in our presence, and we were more than happy to oblige.


Tomorrow I continue to my journey, passing over the Great Wall of China and past the Forbidden City, all as part of my journey to Sanya City, and the World Mahjong Sport Games.

Sanya City, also known as the "Eastern Hawaii," will be the site of the 1st World Mahjong Sport Games being held from 24th to 28th of October. It will be during these games that the Duplicate Format for mahjong will be showcased, not just for individual competition but also team competition based on the common MCR rules as the main event. Meanwhile, there wil also be a Mahjong Carnival hosting parallel events in riichi (WRC rules) and Sichuan rules within the Sportify Mahjong Mind Sports (duplicat) format.

Japanese Riichi / Re: Why I was forced to discard?
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Actually, you were furiten. That's why you couldn't declare ron. You were waiting for a 4 or 7 of dots, and you have a 7 of dots in your discards; thus cannot win by ron due to furiten.

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